7 Amazing Gulf Coast Beaches You're Going to Love ...

Living along the Gulf Coast, I have the advantage of knowing which Gulf Coast beaches are the best to visit. These beaches offer the best food, attractions, shopping, and more. The Gulf Coast covers a lot of land so having these tips will help you eliminate a lot of it to find the best of the Gulf Coast beaches for you!

1. Gulf Shores & Orange Beaches, AL

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These are actually two separate beaches but because they're located right next to each other, why separate them? I live very close to these beaches and with them making the top 5 Gulf Coast Beaches List this year, I couldn’t be happier! These are the hidden jewels of the Gulf Coast. They have great food, shopping in Foley, an abundance of golf courses, theme parks and so much more. Hint from a local: on your way to the beach make a stop at Burris Farm Market in Loxley. Have the strawberry cheesecake! You can thank me later!

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