7 Places to Go in Vietnam to Really Get to Know the Country ...

A stunning coastline, national parks of lush forested mountains, a mighty river, booming cities and tiny floating villages where life goes on as it has done for centuries, and restaurants serving up the most delectable cuisine, all offer a smorgasbord’s delight of places in Vietnam where a visitor will be charmed and beguiled. The country is safe, the people – sometimes very poor - are humble but proud and welcoming, the culture is fascinating and the scenery magnificent. What more could you want for a travel experience par excellence? Here’s just a tiny selection of the places in Vietnam that are starting to make their mark on the tourism stage.

1. Hanoi

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Very few can match up to a capital city in helping a visitor to get to know a country, which naturally makes Hanoi one of the premier places in Vietnam for tourists. Known for its mass of motorbikes, Hanoi is chaotic yet graceful; an exotic mix of colonial chic and developing modern Asia. The Old Quarter remains as ever busy as it has been for more than a millennium, while modern office skyscrapers, commercial blocks, and fancy restaurants and boutiques show that Vietnam is forging steam ahead into the 21st century. People escape the noisy streets at Hoan Kiem Lake or one of the many French-inspired gardens and then grab a delicious snack on their way back to the office via the local temple.

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