8 Must-do Things in Israel ...


So I recently took a trip to Israel and became well educated on the must do things in Israel. Although it is a small country, Israel offers such a wide variety of things. Most people assume it is all religious stuff, but that is a huge misconception. So if you are planning on visiting the wonderful country of Israel anytime soon, make sure you check out these must do things in Israel.

1. Hike Masada

Hiking Masada is one of the must do things in Israel not only because of its beautiful view of the desert and Dead Sea, but also because of the rich history surrounding the mountain. The hike is not too intensive, and when you get to the top, you can enjoy all of the views around you. The top was well preserved and walking around, you can learn about the story of those who used to live there. Walking around Masada is like walking through history.

Float in the Dead Sea
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