8 Must-do Things in Israel ...


8 Must-do Things in Israel ...
8 Must-do Things in Israel ...

So I recently took a trip to Israel and became well educated on the must do things in Israel. Although it is a small country, Israel offers such a wide variety of things. Most people assume it is all religious stuff, but that is a huge misconception. So if you are planning on visiting the wonderful country of Israel anytime soon, make sure you check out these must do things in Israel.

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Hike Masada

Hiking Masada is one of the must do things in Israel not only because of its beautiful view of the desert and Dead Sea, but also because of the rich history surrounding the mountain. The hike is not too intensive, and when you get to the top, you can enjoy all of the views around you. The top was well preserved and walking around, you can learn about the story of those who used to live there. Walking around Masada is like walking through history.


Float in the Dead Sea

How can you go to Israel and not have a classic picture of you floating in the Dead Sea? Although I wouldn’t make this a whole day adventures, the Dead Sea is definitely a must do thing while in Israel. Being able to float on your stomach and covering yourself in the mud is so much fun. But word to the wise…don’t shave your legs for at least 3 days before because they will burn if you do.


Visit Yad Vashem

Although there are tons of museums, Yad Vashem is definitely a must do thing in Israel. Yad Vashem is the national Holocaust museum of Israel and is probably one of the most moving museums I have ever been to. One of the most memorable things about Yad Vashem is they take you into the lives of the individuals that lived during the Holocaust, it is not just in terms of numbers. I guarantee that if you visit this museum, you will be reduced to tears and be forced to reflect on your life and the lives of those who did not make it through the Holocaust.


Go out in Tel Aviv

Although Israel is mostly considered a religious state, Tel Aviv is more of a modern and hip city. And it is probably most well known for its incredible night life. Going out in Tel Aviv is one of the must do things in Israel because it will put a nice balance to the religious and historical aspects that Israel offers. Being ranked one of the top 10 party cities in the world, Tel Aviv offers a huge variety of nightclubs, bars, and so much more to keep you entertained on your night out on the town.


Visit the Golan Heights

The most exciting part of the Golan Heights is its beautiful scenery and abundance of rich history for you to take in. There is tons of places for you to go hiking to see all of the breathtaking sights Israel has to offer. Or if you want to visit a city with history, take a tour of Tzvat, which was the birthplace of Kabbalah. No matter where you are in the Golan Heights, there is something for everyone that is guaranteed to be amazing.


Shop on Ben Yahuda Street

If I could spend everyday on Ben Yahuda Street, I would. It is what you think of when you picture an outdoor market in your mind. The vendors yelling, fresh food everywhere, and tons of unique people everywhere you look; Ben Yahuda has it all. There is nothing like bartering with a local vendor for some fresh fruit for lunch. I would absolutely check it out to grab some lunch one day and find tons of little souvenirs you can’t find elsewhere.


Sleep in a Bedouin Tent

It may seem like a strange thing to do, but sleeping in a Bedouin tent was one of my favorite parts of visiting Israel. You get to learn about Bedouin culture and experience it firsthand. Bedouins are notorious for their hospitality and it really shows when you spend the night in their company. I remember waking up and having the sun rise over my tent and really taking in the beauty surrounding me. Because where else will you be able to sleep in a Bedouin tent in the middle of the desert?


Pray at the Western Wall

One of the most magical places in the world is the Western Wall. It is breathtaking to put your head up against that wall and just feel the energy around it. Millions of people have made the trip to the Western Wall just to take in the most religious place in the world. I cannot even imagine coming to Israel and not making a visit to the Western Wall. Coming to the Western Wall feels like coming home.

Have you ever been to Israel? What was your favorite thing to do in Israel? What do you think would surprise you most about visiting Israel?

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And don't forget to visit the suffering Palestinians

Palestine is the most beautiful piece of land on this earth ! I recommend to visit the cities of jerusalem and nablus and taste the nabulsi konafeh :) i recommend also to visit each place in occupied palestine and enjoy the seaside as well

Pathetic women making an article a bitter fight! Israel is amazing, one of my favourite countries and Jewish and Israeli people are wonderful!

Go to one of the headphones parties where it is in a public park and it is completely silent b/c every one is given the same exact headphones that are linked up to the dj's music. So cool.

I would definitely recommend the Temple Institute! It's fascinating!

Visit Gan Hashlosha, they are natural springs and one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen in my life


I would also highly recommend visiting Israel's illegal settlements, and of course don't forget the illegal checkpoints, and their big fancy apartheid wall!

It's so sad to see this travel article turn into a political argument so I won't go there. On the subject of seeing Israel, you must see Haifa city and the Baha'i gardens. They are a true wonder! :)

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