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Because we just can't get enough of those fantastic haunted locations in Canada, we are back with a second installment for your reading pleasure! Seriously, who can resist a walk down spooky memory lane in a beautiful land that is steeped in such rich and diverse history? Nearly everywhere we look in Canada reveals a stony structure with n storied past and ghostly active present. And who doesn't love a spooky tale?! Take a moment to enjoy a tale or two about haunted locations in Canada!

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Fairmont Empress Hotel, Victoria, British Columbia

Fairmont Empress Hotel, Victoria, British Columbia The Fairmont Empress Hotel was built over a four-year time span, from 1904 to 1908, in Victoria, British Columbia. And we can see why; this grand hotel is just beautiful, just look at it. Those ivy covered walls and pitched rooftops project opulence and grandeur. Aside from its beauty, the Empress is reported to be loaded with ghostly activities, such as apparitions and disembodied sounds. Visitors report seeing the ghosts of old men in hats roam the halls, men hanging by their necks, and that of an elderly women looking for her room. Legend states that the elderly woman roams the halls knocking on doors looking for her room before vanishing at the elevators. Others have also reported seeing an apparition of the building's architect, Francis Rattenbury, roam the halls. Sightings of his ghost are especially sad. You see, Francis died in England, murdered by his wife's lover. It is likely that Francis' apparition is a residual haunting of his happier times. With so much beauty and activity there is no wonder why the Fairmont Empress Hotel is one of the haunted locations in Canada not to be missed.


Kingston Penitentiary, Kingston, Ontario

Kingston Penitentiary, Kingston, Ontario Not long after initially opening as the Provincial Penitentiary of the Province of Upper Canada in 1835, this massive structure became home to thousands of prisoners and was later named the Kingston Penitentiary in 1867. At the time of its closing in 2013 Kingston Penitentiary was one of the oldest continuously used prisons in the world. Although Kingston housed many notorious male criminals it also held women and children prisoners in the early years, all of which were subject to strict and severe punishment. Prisoners were punished with lashings or hangings for anything from "gesticulating" towards each other to fighting. Executed prisoners were buried on the prison grounds. Over its many years in operation several massive riots broke out involving hundreds of prisoners, resulting in fires, hostages, and death. One popular story is of a prisoner, killed by a prison guard, who continues to roam the halls. Kingston Penitentiary is reported to be full of ghostly activity!


Ottawa Jail Hostel, Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa Jail Hostel, Ottawa, Ontario Between the burned and buried dead prisoners, death row, gallows, and general inmate violence, Ottawa Jail Hostel is loaded with haunted history. The Ottawa jail operated as such from 1862 to around 1972 when it was closed and reopened some years later to serve as a hostel. Now open to an active transient population, visitors to the hostel report seeing full body apparitions and hearing disembodied sounds of long dead inmates - men, women, and children. One ghost roaming the halls is supposedly that of the first man executed on the jail property. One of many spirits said to reside at Ottawa Jail, many have reported seeing his ghost at the foot of their beds during the night. Visit the Ottawa Jail Hostel and take a tour of the top floor and view the still intact death row quarters.


Deane House, Fort Calgary, Alberta

Deane House, Fort Calgary, Alberta Built in 1906, Deane House in Fort Calgary is reported to be an active location and was even featured on Creepy Canada. Built as housing on the original Fort Grounds, Deanne House was moved across the river. The change in location did not shake the history and activity associated with the house. Visitors to Deane House report seeing the apparition of a woman and an elderly man, and many also report smelling tobacco and seeing drops of blood appear when no one is around. Also associated with the property is a story that tells of the ghost of a First Nations elder who roams the halls warning people to leave sacred land. Ghosts, disembodied sounds, stories of suicides, and murders...all tell the story of a seriously active location.


Riverview Mental Hospital, Coquitlam, British Columbia

Riverview Mental Hospital, Coquitlam, British Columbia Have you ever watched the movie Grave Encounters? If not, check it out because not only is it pretty freaky, but it was also filmed on location at the Riverview Mental Hospital. Riverview is a massive location with numerous buildings constructed over the years with one of the oldest building (West Lawn) serving up the most reports of ghostly activity. The structure opened around 1913 as a mental hospital for men. From reports of lobotomies to electroshock therapy, this mental hospital has a history of reported treatment that is barbaric, eerie, and dated when compared with current available treatment. Such a facility and history is scary enough but it also provides the perfect backdrop for an endless number of movies.

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Guelph Correctional Centre, Guelph, Ontario

Guelph Correctional Centre, Guelph, Ontario Originally built as the Provincial Penitentiary in 1909, Guelph Correctional Centre was home to hundreds of prisoners until its closure in 2003. Prisoners were segregated based on degree of behavior and potential for violence. The goal of the prison was to reform offenders. However, that did not stop prisoners from dying of violence or rehabilitative "treatment." Since its closure in 2003 many people have visited the location. It has served as the location of a few scary movies, too. Visitors report hearing disembodied screams, and seeing dark shadows and the ghosts of inmates creeping across doorways and running in the halls. So much activity tells of a location that is alive with many spirits of long dead prisoners.


Peggy's Point Lighthouse, Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia

Peggy's Point Lighthouse, Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia This beautiful structure with its red and white striped facade is a picturesque dream of cool shores and tranquil waves. Built in 1914 to replace an earlier wooden structure, Peggy's Point is so pretty it is almost difficult to imagine tragedy happening here, but it did more than once. Local legend tells of a woman who resided on the land prior to the lighthouse's construction. She survived a shipwreck only to mourn her children lost to the sea. She would later lose her new husband in a tragic fall from the rocks of Peggy's Point. Visitors to the lighthouse report seeing her ghost wearing a blue dress standing on those same rocks, still mourning her family.

Did any of these places give you the heebie-geebies? Have you visited any before or know of any others? Please share with us. And one final note, for now: please be sure to check permissions of each location should you decide to visit.

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