7 Free Walking Tours in East Asia ...

There is nowhere near the number of free walking tours in East Asia as there are in other continents but they are available in the major cities of the region. With the ones that are available you can guarantee knowledgeable English speaking, informative, usually local guides who love to tell the stories of their city. Here are some of the best free walking tours in East Asia.

1. Tokyo, Japan

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This operator offers you services of volunteers who are well versed in many languages including English, Chinese, German and Spanish among others, making it one of the best free walking tours in East Asia. There are 10 different guided tours starting from Shinjuku, the Tourist Information Centre. During the tours, you’ll visit places such as shrines, temples, gardens and walk the famous sights of the streets of Tokyo. Tours take place at 1pm from Monday to Friday and with tours for a maximum 5 people at a time with 2 guides, it feels just like your own personal tour!

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