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There is nowhere near the number of free walking tours in East Asia as there are in other continents but they are available in the major cities of the region. With the ones that are available you can guarantee knowledgeable English speaking, informative, usually local guides who love to tell the stories of their city. Here are some of the best free walking tours in East Asia.

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Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan This operator offers you services of volunteers who are well versed in many languages including English, Chinese, German and Spanish among others, making it one of the best free walking tours in East Asia. There are 10 different guided tours starting from Shinjuku, the Tourist Information Centre. During the tours, you’ll visit places such as shrines, temples, gardens and walk the famous sights of the streets of Tokyo. Tours take place at 1pm from Monday to Friday and with tours for a maximum 5 people at a time with 2 guides, it feels just like your own personal tour!


Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand What's so special about Bangkok, anyway? The answer is simple – everything! Try walking tours for starters. The Bangkok walking tour takes you to both new and old Bangkok. It teaches you how to get around the city by yourself and how to use local means of transport like the klong boat and river bus instead of the tourist buses. The Thai culture with its legendary traditional food and drinks will be at your disposal while you enjoy the company of the local guide who can speak fluent English, making your life all that easier!


Shanghai, China

Shanghai, China This free tour of Shanghai is four to five hours long so make sure you have that much time at your disposal before you join it. The tour takes you to historical places, which are in abundance in Shanghai. You’ll see the old part of the city where the Chinese lived when western powers had full control over Shanghai. Eye-catching architecture, a Daoist temple and Dongtai Lu antiques Market and of course, The Bund are among the main attractions of this tour.


Singapore City, Singapore

Singapore City, Singapore This free walking tour in Singapore follows two main routes. Those who love water can take the one and a half hour river route where they will be able to see sites like Cavenagh Bridge, Singapore River, Fullerton Hotel, Marina Bayfront, The Padang, St. Andrew’s Cathedral and the Armenian Church among many more. On the other tour, the 45 minute Bras Basah/Bugis Route will take you to the Singapore Art Museum, Waterloo Street, the Sri Krishnan Temple and the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd among many more exciting places!


Exploring Singapore City on foot not only offers an intimate look at its rich heritage, but also allows for delightful surprises in its charming nooks and crannies. As you stroll along the bustling streets, immerse yourself in a fascinating blend of old and new – from the sleek high-rises to the traditional shop houses with their quaint facades. The walking tours are perfect for culture enthusiasts and photography aficionados alike, presenting numerous opportunities to capture the essence of this vibrant city. End your journey with a taste of local cuisine at a nearby hawker center, where the flavors of Singapore come to life.


Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi, Vietnam Learn about Vietnam’s history through one of the most popular free walking tours in South East Asia. The full day tour is available in English and takes place five days a week, Monday to Friday. Among the local attractions that you will see are the Ho Chi Minh Complex, Hanoi’s Old Quarter, Hoan Kiem Lake, the Temple of Literature and the Ngoc Son Temple. Make sure you dedicate one full day for this tour when you plan your vacation.


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia To admire the city’s beauty in its full glory and splendor, take this tour with professional English speaking guides. Its featured sites include The Sultan Abdul Samad Building, the Old City Hall built in 1896, the Cathedral of Saint Mary, the Victorian Fountain and the Royal Selangor Club. The tour is free of charge and you can conveniently book online.


Seoul, South Korea

Seoul, South Korea This two-hour walking tour gives you an excellent introduction to the capital of South Korea. Participants meet at the Gwanghwamun and proceed from there to two major attractions of the tour. The first one is the Gyeongbok Palace, which was the first royal palace of the Joseon Dynasty. The palace was built in 1398 so you’ll be staring at a palace over 600 years old! The second biggest attraction of the tour is the Blue House, which was originally the public information hall of Cheongwadae but is now a historical museum where visitors learn all about Seoul and South Korea.

So, not so many free walking tours of East Asia to choose from but those available are worth the effort. The cities are so packed with places to go and things to see that a walking tour provides a really great overview/introduction, and you can then take it from there. Do you have any walking tours to recommend?

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You passes one great country .. Indonesia, one day tour in Bali .. Will never enough, go try !

Well some people wouldn't mind but it looks ignorant. Plus, false information.

where is philippines ?

Some countries from this list are not South East Asian countries.

Japan, Korea and China are 'not' considered as 'Southeast Asia'.

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