8 Famous Literary Hotels for Bookworms ...


8 Famous Literary Hotels for Bookworms ...
8 Famous Literary Hotels for Bookworms ...

What is a famous literary hotel? And why should you like to go there? Well I will tell you. Book lovers everywhere will agree that there is nothing more perfect than curling up on a comfortable chair, with a cup of coffee or a glass of something and your favorite read. Other than somebody else refilling your cup every now and then, you pretty much have all you would need for the time being, until you have soaked in every word of your book and your storybook journey has come to an end. How perfect would it be if you could go and stay at a famous literary hotel when you travel? With the emergence of digital literature and things like the Kindle, the iPad and eBooks, bookworms all over the world will be delighted to know about some of what are becoming famous literary hotels, where the focus is on reading, authors and books. Here is a list of 8 Famous Literary Hotels for Bookworms.

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Literaturhotel Friednau, Berlin, Germany

Owner run and managed by a celebrated German author, Christa Moog, the Hotel Friedenau is the very first ever storybook hotel in Germany. More than 10 distinguished German authors wrote famous novels in Friedenau in the 1970’s; their homes and apartments are still there as they were decades ago. Visitors who stay in this famed literary hotel will be treated to a glorious array of books, photos and like minded companions who come from far to stay here. Every single room is different and full of literature and décor.


Shanghai Literature and Art Hotel, China

This grand hotel is an oasis for guests from all over the world, literally teeming with famous authors and artists; the eclectic and dynamic ambiance makes this 12 story hotel a haven for bookworms and arty types from all over. All of the suites are beautifully decorated, some with traditional Chinese décor and some are completely international in style. All the exclusive apartments have their own private studies for guests to read in peace and quiet.


Boutique Hotel Stathalle, Vienna, Austria

The first ‘’Null-Energie-Hotel’’ of its kind, this famous literary hotel is a zero energy hotel, which means that no matter what kind of weather it is outside, there are more than 160 square meters of solar panels that supply enough hot water to ensure that the entire hotel is supplies with renewable energy. No such thing as not having hot coffee or the lights going out in the middle of the exciting part of your book then.


Eleonas Agrotouristisches Hotel, Greece

Agrotourism, such as ecotourism or geotourism or even wine tourism, is a niche tourism market that brings visitors into an agriculturally based activity. Eleonas is a Greek olive grove that is found sprawling over the rolling hills of a naturally protected river delta. Surrounded by olive trees that were planted more than 100 years ago, guests can stay in one of the ten exclusive rooms, spend time in the expansive library, get a chance to learn how to weave or let the children explore their own activity centre.


Hotel Hof Weissbad, Switzerland

Beautifully nestled at the foot of the Swiss Alps the scenery will be a large distraction for any visitor, book lover or not, to the Hotel Hof Weissbad’s incredible and vast library. An impressive collection of traditional history, local literature, culture and a huge variety of modern art books are just some of the delights that make up the delicious assortment of books for visitors to peruse. If you can’t decide which to do first, grab a book and head outside and combine your love of reading with the spectacular scenery.


Mas La Colline, France

Visitors will be forgiven for thinking they are on the set of a French film when they arrive at the Mas La Colline in France. Built in the 17th Century, this celebrated literary hotel is an expansive Provence style country house that almost appears to completely stand still in time. The sheer volume and variety of books in the hotel’s library will keep book lovers busy browsing for the duration of their stay. Readers who like travel books, culture, history or philosophy, will be spoilt for choice with the selection in the library here.


The Algonquin, New York

The official City Historic Landmark of New York, The Algonquin was the mastermind of architect Goldwin Starrett, who built his vision of a residential hotel in the early 1900’s. As leaders in the fields of journalism, literature, theater and art came together, the Algonquin Round Table was born. Everybody came together to discuss and debate all sorts of topics and heated discussions occurred regularly. A truly legendary literary hotel seeped in history and fascination.


Hotel Marini, Italy

Perched on the edge of the town of Meran, looking down over balconies and rolling wine terraces, the Hotel Marini in Italy looks like a vision out of a Walt Disney Fairytale book. With a back drop of the rugged cliffs of South Tyrol and the winding Italian mountain passes, guests can relax and enjoy the fruits of the sensational library and the exclusive collections of books that are to be found here. With a strong emphasis on local Italy and the surroundings, learn about authentic wine making in Italy as many of the books focus on the agriculture and farming in the region.

For book lovers all over the world, whom ever came up with the unique idea of a celebrated literary hotel for guests to enjoy are considered geniuses. Book worms will tell you how precious real books are to them and things like Kindles and eBooks are almost sacrilege. World famous library hotels are becoming more and more popular among travelers who would normally not find the time to even pick up a book, let alone relax in a sumptuous armchair in a celebrated literary hotel. These are just 8 Famous Literary Hotels for Bookworms, how many can you find to add on to your list?

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