Phenomenal Places to Travel to for People Who Are Feeling Blue ...


Phenomenal Places to Travel to for People Who Are Feeling Blue ...
Phenomenal Places to Travel to for People Who Are Feeling Blue ...

Ready to get away? I'm right there with you! Keep reading for just a few of the most phenomenal places to travel for anyone who's ready to head to the airport, book a fight and explore different cultures asap! ✈️ 🌏 ✔️

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Great Barrier Reef, Australia

coral reef, habitat, coral reef fish, reef, marine biology, Get exploring in the refreshing waters of the Great Barrier Reef - it's overflowing with gorgeous underwater sights and bright colours that will take your breath away! Here you can go snorkelling, scuba diving, take helicopter tours, indulge in glass-bottomed boat viewing, take part in a little whale watching and even swim with dolphins! Did you know it's also the only living thing on earth visible from space?


Venice, Italy

Murano, canal, boat, waterway, gondola, I was lucky enough to go to Italy a couple of years ago (spending most of my time in the heart of Venice), so I can confidently say that it's one of the most beautiful places in the world! Arriving in Venice feels like you have stepped back in time as you walk down the tiny, cobbled streets and cross mini bridges overlooking each canal, every so often seeing a Gondola glide down the calm waters. Venice is one of the most serene and tranquil places you'll find - so much so that it feels like time has stopped moving as you immerse yourself in the amazing culture!


Dresden, Germany

Zwinger, plaza, landmark, historic site, palace, Although from New Zealand, my heart belongs to Germany and at the top of my travel list is the breathtaking Dresden with its intricate architecture and museums. Although the city suffered the bombing brought about during World War II and was left badly damaged, some of the most historical buildings were able to be carefully reconstructed out of the rubble that was left. It's pretty spectacular that a city left so broken and damaged was able to slowly rebuild itself, while keeping its beauty and allure!


Queenstown, New Zealand

mountainous landforms, landform, wilderness, geographical feature, mountain, Known for being one of the most beautiful places in all of New Zealand, Queenstown will never fail to take your breath away! The beautiful view of the dramatic Southern Alps is one of the city's main attractions amongst vineyards and stunning spots for snowboarding. Alternatively, you can simply admire the crystal clear lakes and enjoy the tranquillity for a bit of peace and quiet! Did you know that a few of the Lord of the Rings scenes were filmed nearby?


Moscow, Russia

Saint Basil's Cathedral, Red Square, landmark, building, place of worship, You'll never have seen a Cathedral with domes so bright and colourful unless you've visited Moscow, located in the heart of Russia. Due to it being the home of around 12 million people, it's no surprise that Moscow is always buzzing with activity and feels lively and exited to tourists lucky enough to visit! Did you know that Assumption Cathedral is oldest surviving building in Moscow, withstanding an incredible 535 years?


Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Sheikh Zayed Mosque, aisle, interior design, lighting, design, Non-surpringsly, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is one of Abu Dhabi's main tourist attractions and is also considered to be the key site for worship in the whole country. It can also accommodate 40,000 people at any one time! You'll fall in love with the breathtaking desert that stretches for miles as you ride on the back of a trusty camel! For Sex & The City lovers: if Carrie Bradshaw can do it then so can we!


Seville, Spain

Plaza de España, historic site, building, palace, facade, Located in the South of Spain, Seville is one of the largest Spanish cities and is famously known for its culture and traditions. Immerse yourself in the extensive history of the city or learn about the famous Spanish sport of bullfighting, which Seville is also the home of. Alternatively, visit the many art galleries to delve into Seville's rich artistic heritage!

What beautiful places are at the top of your must-see travel list? Comment below! ⬇️⬇️

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