Top 📈Trending Destinations 🗺for 2018 According to Tripadvisor🛫 ...

Have you given any thought as to where you want to spend your main vacation this year? The top trending destinations for 2018 according to Tripadvisor might interest you. It’s an eclectic list with some surprises you will probably never even have heard of. There are some interesting and intriguing options in the top trending destinations for 2018 so please take a look through to see if somewhere inspires you.

1. Ishigaki, Japan

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Most people would probably cite Tokyo as the Japanese destination they want to visit but one of the most surprising entries in the top trending destinations for 2018 is the island of Ishigaki. If you dream of tropical islands Ishigaki has stunning palm fringed beaches and clear blue seas with mangrove forests and mountains adding scenic interest. Two major attractions? The rare coral and its love and proficiency in serving soba noodles.

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