9 Inspirational Resolutions for People Who Live for Travel s ...


9 Inspirational Resolutions for People Who Live for Travel s ...
9 Inspirational Resolutions for People Who Live for Travel s ...

Many people adore traveling and enjoying the new experiences it brings. But even the most adventurous traveler can find themselves in a bit of a rut. So here are some New Year's Travel resolutions to help you shake up your travel game in 2019 …

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Keep It Light

Traveling light makes a lot of sense. Chances are you'll pick up more things on your travels, so you don't need to cram your luggage full to bursting. Besides, your back, shoulders and arms will thank you if your bags are lighter! Pick out versatile clothes that are easy to wash, and instead of packing lots of books, take a Kindle or tablet.


Beat the Excuses

There's always a reason not to travel, such as work commitments, your relationship, money … However, if you really want to you can overcome these 'obstacles'. It's often said that you never regret what you do, just what you don't do, so find a way to make your travel dreams a reality.


Enjoy the Experience

You might be tempted to start a travel blog, since everyone else seems to be (and apparently making money from it). Or you're constantly taking photos to share with friends and remind you of your trip. However, this can mean you don't really enjoy the experience of travelling. Learn to be in the moment, instead of feeling the pressure to document every moment of your trip.


Travel Ethically

There's no getting away from the fact that travel is bad for the environment. But you can still minimize your impact by using trains or buses wherever possible, rather than flying or driving. Also use ethical tour operators, avoid disturbing wildlife or harming the environment, and support local communities with careful choice of how you spend your money.


Make an Effort to Meet Local People

Many people will be delighted to meet visitors to their area, and teach them something of local culture. Language doesn't need to be a problem; it's amazing how far you can get with a few words and lots of smiles! And always be respectful of the fact that you are a guest in someone else's country.


Break Your Travel Routine

Do you always travel on organized tours, or never take a solo trip? Try something different. Even seasoned travelers can get stuck in a routine. Choose a destination in a part of the world you've never visited, or a type of holiday you've never experienced, such as horse riding or well-being.


Make the Best Use of Your Time off

It might seem like you get a lot of holidays, but the reality is that your free time often gets used up on fixing things around the house or family gatherings that you don't actually want to attend. Maximize your holidays by booking time around bank holidays and weekends so that you can take a longer trip. If your employers give time off in lieu when you work extra days, that can also give you more time for travelling.


Travel without Traveling

It's easy to miss all the interesting things going on in your own city or area. So, make like a tourist and go on the hunt for intriguing sites. Keep your eyes open and you'll be astonished just how much there is to see - if only you look for it.


Switch off from Technology

Technology does have its uses while travelling. It allows you to find out information, book accommodation, and record your travels. But don't let it take over your entire time. Switch off your phone, laptop or tablet, and take time to unwind and experience the world around you.

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