8 over-rated Tourist Places ...

The problem we all have when we plan to go abroad either to some fabulous far off destination or one that is closer to home is that we do tend to do a bit of research before we set off on our adventure. This often means we see great photos of the attractions found there. Very often there are reviews about them too. We read them and they all sound terrific, the problem is when we get there our expectations are so high that the attractions often fall a little short on how good we thought they would be. Here is a list of 8 over-rated tourist places.

1. The Colosseum in Rome

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Photo Credit: Jakob Steinschaden

If you feel like you are at a fancy dress party when you visit this amazing structure that dates back to centuries ago, you would be totally forgiven for thinking such thoughts. The men dressed up as Roman gladiators who swan around inside make it feel like it really is. The crowds that congregate to view the Colosseum also make it a chore to really enjoy, especially when there are other colosseums around the world which are just if not more impressive.

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