7 of the World's Most Polluted Countries ...


Do you want to know if you live in one of the world’s most polluted countries? The world’s most polluted countries are those where pollution is visible and tangible and where the air is noxious. The list of the world’s most polluted countries may contain some surprises to you.

1. Botswana


With the world’s largest proportion of land under conservation and only two million people, it may come as a surprise that Botswana ranks quite high on the list of the world’s most polluted countries. The Kalahari Desert consumes 80 percent of Botswana and, though at the time of its 1966 independence from Britain, Botswana was amongst the poorest African nations, presently the country is the largest diamond producer and boasts one of the world’s fastest growing economies. However, with a rapidly growing economy comes rapidly growing environmental issues. Pollution, wild fires, nickel and sulfur dioxide emissions make up just some of the air pollution problems resulting from Botswana’s mineral and copper smelting industries.

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