7 Mystical Places You Can Actually Visit ...

The joy of myths and legends is that there’s often some truth at their root, and the mystical places where our mythical heroes or the magical events took place have an attraction of their very own. If you can visit them, why wouldn’t you want to? You can see these mystical places for yourself and you’ll be even more drawn into the tales.

1. Robin Hood's Sherwood Forest, England

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Robin Hood became a hero when he took money from the rich and gave it to the poor, yet no one really knows who he was. The name Robin of Loxley has been used but the nemesis of the Sherriff of Nottingham cannot be named for sure. The location of his good deeds is Sherwood Forest and as it is a 450 acre nature reserve, there is plenty to see. In this, one of the most mystical places in England, you can visit the oak that he is believed to have hidden in. It is considered to be 800 years old and at 36 feet around, there was plenty of room for him to be inside. There is a festival in August where there is jousting and archery demonstrations and a trip to (the supposed) Robin’s grave.

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