7 Breathtaking but Precarious Cliff Walks around the World ...

By Neecey

7 Breathtaking but Precarious Cliff Walks around the World ...

Coastal and mountainside scenery is gorgeous and spectacular, and one of the most satisfying ways of enjoying it is on cliff walks. It’s nice to stroll a well worn path that winds gently across cliff tops, but if you have a thirst for adventure as well as a passion for incredible views, our earth has some amazing cliff walks to take your breath away.

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Tianmen Mountain, China

Tianmen Mountain, China The Tianmen Glass Skywalk is a 91 centimeter wide, 5 centimeter thick glass path which protrudes out from a sheer rock face roughly 1430 meters above the ground on Tianmen Mountain in Zhangjiajie, China. Whilst the glass surface certainly makes this 60 meter long trail one of the most terrifying and unique cliff walks on the planet, it also provides thrill seeking holiday makers with some of the most amazing views in the country. If you’ve ever wanted to fly like a bird, this amazing cliff hike is undoubtedly the next best thing.


Preikestolen, Norway

Preikestolen, Norway Preikestolen, or Pulpit Rock, as it’s known in English, is one of the most popular cliff top walks in Norway, drawing roughly 200,000 nature lovers to the region every year. The steep meandering trail begins at a car park in Preikestolen Fjellstue before winding its way to the stunning Pulpit Rock formation, which towers 604 meters above the Lysefjord. Pulpit Rock is not for the faint hearted, however, as there are absolutely no guard rails or safety barriers in place, owing to the fact that the Norwegian authorities believe they would detract from the awe-inspiring views.


Kalalau Trail, Hawaii

Kalalau Trail, Hawaii The Kalalau Trail, which meanders through the Na Pali State Park on the beautiful Hawaiian island of Kauai, is said to be one of the most dangerous cliff walks in the USA, owing in no small part to the numerous close call horror stories about the trail which are currently floating around on traveler forums. Even if you haven’t heard the terrible tales regarding the trail, however, one look at the 90 meter sheer drops along the way is enough to turn most people’s blood cold. On the upside, however, the cliffs offer a once in a lifetime view of the surrounding landscape, including stunning valleys, pristine beaches and cascading waterfalls.


Faro De Los Morrillos, Puerto Rico

Faro De Los Morrillos, Puerto Rico Faro de Los Morrillos is an amazing cliff hike, which makes its way along the brilliant white limestone cliffs neighboring the Cabo Rojo Lighthouse in Puerto Rico. While this trail may not be one of the most strenuous cliff top walks in the world, it is extremely precarious nonetheless, as the limestone rock faces are prone to collapse, and the lack of safety barriers also tends to lure unwary travelers a little too close to the edge…


The Faro de Los Morrillos, also known as the Cabo Rojo Lighthouse, is located on the southwestern tip of Puerto Rico. It was built in 1882 and stands at 200 feet above sea level, offering stunning views of the Caribbean Sea and the surrounding cliffs. The cliff hike to reach the lighthouse is approximately 1.5 miles long and can be completed in about an hour. However, caution is advised as the cliffs are prone to erosion and there are no safety barriers in place. Despite the risks, the Faro de Los Morrillos remains a popular destination for tourists seeking adventure and breathtaking views.


The Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

The Cliffs of Moher, Ireland One of the most popular tourist attractions in Ireland, the Cliffs of Moher tower over the churning ocean below, reaching up to 214 meters at their highest station, and covering over 8 kilometers of the Burren region’s coastline. The cliff walk along this precarious piece of coastline is extremely hazardous, however, with nothing but a small stone wall standing between you and the craggy coastline below. Adventurous holiday makers who choose to undertake this hike can be assured, however, that the scenery and views along the way are absolutely out of this world.

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El Caminito Del Rey, Spain

El Caminito Del Rey, Spain Often said to be the most dangerous hiking trail on the planet, the El Caminito del Rey, or “King’s Pathway,” is an extremely narrow winding cliff top walk along the walls of the El Chorro Gorge, which was originally created to allow access for hydroelectricity plant workers. The cliff walk is currently closed for restoration, however, due to a number of fatal accidents, although some hikers choose to make their way past the blockades and attempt the trail anyway. If you’re not crazy about tempting death though, it may be better to wait for the walk to reopen in 2015.


The Newport Cliff Walk, Rhode Island

The Newport Cliff Walk, Rhode Island The Newport Cliff Walk is one of the main tourist attractions in Rhode Island, running from Bailey’s Beach to First Beach along the awe inspiring, rugged Atlantic coastline. Whilst most people probably wouldn’t nominate a Rhode Island cliff walk as one of the 7 most precarious in the world, the Newport Cliff Walk certainly fits the bill with rock-strewn unpaved sections of the path overlooking vertigo-inducing 20 meter sheer drops.

Do you enjoy cliff walks? Would you try any of these or have you already done so?

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I don't know if this counts but the Sacred Valley in Peru is an amazing trail to walk and your on a little trail walking literally on the edge of a mountain and believe me looking down is pretty scary but same time a rush. Machu Piccu always overshadows the Scared Valley but I did both trails and I love Sacred Valley more

fantastc scenery

my god what a marvelous scenery

Cliff walk in Rhode Island is so gorgeous! It's a must see in Rhode Island!

There is one just outside of Vancouver which I have done and it is ver impressive. The Stawamus Chief.