7 Amazing Ethnic Restaurants in Chicago for when You're Feeling Adventurous ...

By Cassandra

7 Amazing Ethnic Restaurants in Chicago for when You're Feeling Adventurous ...

Often overcome with wanderlust, I am always ready to learn more about diverse cultures, leading to my want to venture to different ethnic restaurants in Chicago. There is something about delicious and warm food delivered in a welcoming abode that can unite people. I've had friends who have been to the beautiful state of Illinois copious times and were sad to leave after visiting some of the fabulous restaurants; I've never heard of so many choices offered all on one block! The ambiance given off by these top ethnic restaurants in Chicago is sure to make you drop by for a visit.

1 Ras Dashen

Ras Dashen Located in the Edgewater neighborhood, this restaurant featuring Ethiopian cuisine is one of the best ethnic restaurants in Chicago. One of my friends that moved out to Chicago swears by the entrees offered at this authentic eatery, ranging from the Doro Wat to Shiro. Because this is located in one of the busier areas of Chicago, I would advise you to head over before or after their peak hours.

2 Sabri Nihari

Sabri Nihari Located on Devon Avenue, Sabri Nihari was one of my go-to places when visiting my friend in Chicago. Every single item on their menu is noteworthy. This is one of my favorite Pakistani food restaurants. I certainly agree with Time Out Chicago's assessment that “the don’t-miss dish is the namesake nihari, a spicy Pakistani pot roast smothered in gingery gravy that begs to be sopped up with fluffy garlic nan.”

3 Lao Sze Chuan

Lao Sze Chuan Archer Ave features one of the best Chinese food restaurants in Chicago. The best part about Lao Sze Chuan is that it serves authentic-tasting food inspired by the region of Sichuan. The prices for this restaurant seem pretty reasonable when compared with some of its competitors. I was not surprised to hear that Lao Sze Chuan actually won the “Bib Gourmand” two years in a row (2012, 2013)!

4 Phoenix

Phoenix Also located on Archer Ave, Phoenix is a great place to visit if you are looking for authentic Cantonese cuisine. I am a huge fan of inexpensive buys, which is the reason why I was initially attracted to this place. You are sure to fall in love with their dim sum brunch offer! I love that it includes a few Szechuan dishes as well, showing that food is the ultimate unifier.

5 Topolobampo

Topolobampo The ingredients used at Topolobampo are sure to make you come back for more of their flavorful dishes. Offering a diverse menu featuring Mexican cuisine, it will be hard to resist ordering more than one plate. As far as clichés go, this fabulous restaurant is out of this world!

6 Rosebud on Taylor

Rosebud on Taylor When out with my friends in New York, my go-to order is usually a warm plate of specialty pasta. Hearing about the more than generous offering of my favorite dish at Rosebud on Taylor is extremely gratifying. Head down to Taylor St. and see for yourself!

7 Greek Islands

Greek Islands Last but certainly not least, Greek Islands is one of the best ethnic restaurants to try when you are feeling adventurous. Located on Halsted St., this place serves some of the most delicious meals that I have ever had the pleasure of eating! Boasting their use of natural ingredients, the overall environment of this amazing Greek restaurant is sure to put you in a relaxing mood.

Residing in Brooklyn, I am always excited at the thought of being exposed to different cultures. I would love to make a list of diverse eateries to visit all over the U.S. What are some of the top ethnic restaurants in your area?

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I just went to Tanta last night - it's in River North and it's Peruvian with Japanese and Chinese influences (which are tied into Peruvian cuisine) excellent and different!

For Middle Eastern food, the Pita Inn in the suburb of Skokie (borders the city to the north) Also, the Frontera Grill is the more moderately priced restaurant next door to Topolobampo. The two share a kitchen and a chef.

Thank you for not mentioning every Italian restaurant in the city then naming the post " ethnic restaurants." It's awesome how you actually brought many different cultures to the table.


If you are looking for middle eastern food in the city, I recommend Reza's. There are two locations, one in River North and one in Andersonville. One of my favorite places to eat in the city!



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