7 Amazing Ethnic Restaurants in Chicago for when You're Feeling Adventurous ...

Often overcome with wanderlust, I am always ready to learn more about diverse cultures, leading to my want to venture to different ethnic restaurants in Chicago. There is something about delicious and warm food delivered in a welcoming abode that can unite people. I've had friends who have been to the beautiful state of Illinois copious times and were sad to leave after visiting some of the fabulous restaurants; I've never heard of so many choices offered all on one block! The ambiance given off by these top ethnic restaurants in Chicago is sure to make you drop by for a visit.

1. Ras Dashen

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Located in the Edgewater neighborhood, this restaurant featuring Ethiopian cuisine is one of the best ethnic restaurants in Chicago. One of my friends that moved out to Chicago swears by the entrees offered at this authentic eatery, ranging from the Doro Wat to Shiro. Because this is located in one of the busier areas of Chicago, I would advise you to head over before or after their peak hours.

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