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There are so many must-do experiences in Lombok. Indonesia offers a variety of landscapes through its archipelago of islands, the biggest in the world. You will definitely spend a long time exploring what this country has to offer. If you wanna go off the beaten path and try something new, I suggest Lombok as an alternative to start the adventure.

Lombok is lesser known compared to Bali and offers a wide range of activities and landscapes. Here are some of the must-do experiences in Lombok.

1. Senggigi Beach

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This definitely tops the list of must-do experiences in Lombok. You can start your trip by spending some time in the area. The centre is well animated with restaurants and bars. Visitors have access to a good range of hotels and resorts. The beach is not that spectacular but you can make the most of a sandy bay with private access from your resort.

Head south to discover the Pura Batu Bolong, a small hindu temple offering a scenic view of the beach. This is the spot to watch some impressive sunsets. The entrance is free if you have a sash to wrap around, otherwise it is 10,000 Rp.

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