Colorado's Most Jaw Dropping Spots for Fall Foliage ...

If you’re looking for a place to see fall leaves, there are places in Colorado that will leave you breathless. About this time of year, you can start planning a trip to see the beautiful gold, stunning yellow and flaming red leaves that crop up as fall arrives and summer makes its exit. If you’ve never gone on a fall leaf viewing trip, you are totally missing out and you must plan a trip immediately. Don’t forget your camera because you are going to be snapping pictures right and left once you see what the leaves look like. If you don’t know where to go, check out these places in Colorado and get set.

1. Guanella Pass

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One of the best places in Colorado to see fall leaves is Guanella Pass, just outside of Georgetown. You can access the road by driving through the town and watching for the signs. Then you’ll wind up through the mountains with stunning views surrounding you. The leaves here get really yellow and there are tons of aspen trees, which are my favorites to see in the fall. This short drive from Denver will be totally worth it, I promise!

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