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35 Super Sights of Madrid for a Flavor of Spain ...

By Neecey

The sights of Madrid will get your travel juices flowing. The Spanish capital is one of Europe's great cities and if I were to sum it up in one word, that word would be sexy. It offers all the essentials for any holidaymaker who loves city breaks: fabulous architecture, amazing history, interesting museums, parks and plazas and plenty of food, drink and entertainment. There are masses of sights of Madrid but let's narrow it down to a manageable few.

1 Gran via

Gran viaOne of the sights of Madrid is the "Great Way", one of the main thoroughfares and an upmarket shopping street. Also known as the Spanish Broadway, it is one of the busiest streets for nightlife in Europe.

2 Palacio De Cristal in Buen Retiro Park

Palacio De Cristal in Buen Retiro ParkVia 06 Palacio de Cristal 25286

Built in 1887 specifically to host an exhibition of flora and fauna from The Philippines. Spain ruled the Philippines from 1521 to 1898.


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3 Kimsooja's Room of Rainbows

Kimsooja's Room of RainbowsVia

This is one of the stunning rooms of the Palacio de Cristal.

4 The Metropolis

The MetropolisVia Foro de networking en LinkedIn ...

The Metropolis stands on the corner of La Gran Via and is an office building that traditionally has always been occupied by an insurance company.

5 Street Scene

Street SceneVia Arco de Cuchilleros

A typical neighborhood you'll find yourself wandering around.

6 The Palacio Real De Madrid

The Palacio Real De MadridVia Palais Royal de Madrid

The official residence of the Spanish Royal Family.

7 Almudena Cathedral

Almudena CathedralVia Catedral de Santa María la ...

Full name Catedral de Santa María la Real de La Almudena. Work on the Roman Catholic cathedral amazingly didn't begin until 1879 and was finished and consecrated by Pope John Paul II in 1993.

8 Fuente De La Cibeles

Fuente De La CibelesVia Fuente de la Cibeles (Madrid, ...

The stunning fountain of the Goddess Cybele - the symbol of the Earth, fertility and agriculture. The building in the background is Madrid City Hall.

9 Living Wall, Caixa Forum

Living Wall, Caixa ForumVia Humid Walls

The Caixa Forum is a museum and cultural center.

10 City Hall

City HallVia Palacio de Correos, Madrid, Spain

Once Cybele's Palace and once the Palace of Communication.

11 Buen Retiro Park

Buen Retiro ParkThe large park is one of the great attractions of Madrid. It once belonged to the Spanish Royal Family and the building in the picture is the monument to Alphonso XII.

12 Calle De Alcalá

Calle De AlcaláVia Foro de networking en LinkedIn ...

The longest and one of the oldest streets in Madrid.

13 Royal Chapel

Royal ChapelVia Royal Chapel (Real Capilla) at ...

One of the stunning interiors of the Royal Palace.

14 Plaza Mayor

Plaza MayorVia Welcome to Twitter - Login ...

One of the central squares of Madrid. Surrounded by three-storey residences on three sides, there are nine entrances into the square (which is actually rectangular!) It's lined with cafes and the statue of King Philip III stands in the center.

15 Madrid Barajas Airport

Madrid Barajas AirportVia All sizes | Madrid Barajas ...

Even the airport is super stylish.

16 Calle De Segovia

Calle De SegoviaVia MADRID / Escaleras de la ...

One of the streets leading down towards the Manzanares River

17 Temple of Debod

Temple of DebodVia Templo de Debod - Madrid

The ancient temple was originally built in Egypt but was moved to Spain when the Aswan Dam was under construction.

18 Arganzuela Footbridge

Arganzuela FootbridgeVia Arganzuela Footbridge / Dominique Perrault ...

One of the new bridges across the Manzanares River connecting a new urban area to a park.

19 Casa De La Panadería

Casa De La PanaderíaVia Foro de networking en LinkedIn ...

The distinctive painted facades of the buildings that line Plaza Mayor.

20 Monument to Miguel De Cervantes

Monument to Miguel De CervantesVia Plaza De Espana by John ...

The monument to the great writer, author of Don Quixote, stands in Plaza de España

21 The Torre Blancas

The Torre BlancasVia AD Classics: Torre Blancas / ...

The building is an icon of the Spanish Organicism Movement.

22 City Hall

City HallVia Palacio de Comunicaciones, Madrid, Spain

One of the modern alterations to the antique City Hall.

23 San Miguel Market

San Miguel MarketVia La Dolce Vita

The historic market is in central Madrid and is home to 33 permanent stalls selling food and provisions.

24 El Rastro

El RastroVia El Rastro flea market | ...

Madrid's most popular open air flea market.

25 Café

CaféVia Book Mania! | La Infinito, ...

Cafe culture is a huge feature of the city and there are cafes in the plazas and back streets. Tapas is a food experience not to be missed.

26 El Prado

El PradoVia 10 Spanish Must-Dos, from Gaudi ...

Essentially the National Gallery of Spain, El Prado is home to works by the great Spanish artists like Goya and Velásquez as well as a major collection of other significant European art.

27 Las Ventas

Las VentasVia Spain - Madrid - 2nd ...

Madrid's Bull Ring is the third largest in the World. And bull fights still happen. (What you think of this is a matter for your own conscience.)

28 Casa De Campo

Casa De CampoMadrid's largest park.

29 Estadio Vicente Calderón

Estadio Vicente CalderónVia Stadia!

The home of Athletico Madrid who enjoy intense rivalry with Real Madrid who play at the Bernabau.

30 Gate of Europe

Gate of EuropeVia Philip Johnson

The Kio Towers are among the iconic modern sighs of Madrid. In contrast to ...

31 Passage of Time

Passage of TimeVia El Paso del Tiempo(Casco antiguo ...

... the historic buildings of Old Madrid.

32 San Francisco El Grande Basilica

San Francisco El Grande BasilicaVia PORTUGAL & SPAIN

The incredible dome measures 33 meters across. The basilica once functioned as the National pantheon, and enshrined the remains of famous artists and politicians

33 Burgundy Street

Burgundy StreetVia Wanderlust ★

Madrid is the European city with the highest number of trees and green surface per inhabitant and it has the second highest number of aligned trees in the world, with 248,000 units, only exceeded by Tokyo. Wherever you are in Madrid, you're only 15 minutes walk away from a green space.

34 Puerta Del Sol

Puerta Del SolVia Puerta del Sol nocturna/Puerta del ...

One of the most popular attractions of Madrid, the square is home to the clock that announces New Year and the "Eating of the Twelve Grapes."

35 Manzanares River

Manzanares RiverVia Foro de networking en LinkedIn ...
Like with all capital cities in Europe, water is a major feature whether it's the ocean or a river. For Madrid it's the Manzanares River.

So many sights of Madrid, so little time. The Spanish capital is a fabulous weekend destination but you need longer - any excuse for more than one visit! Fancy going?

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