9 Dangerous US Destinations That Are beyond Beautiful ...

If you live in the USA, you don’t have to cross the ocean for a dangerously thrilling travel adventure. There are some remarkable places all over the states where you need more than a soupçon of derring-do to pay a visit. Beautiful, alluring and exhilarating – that’s how I would describe these places.

1. Try Not to Get Eaten in Denali National Park, Alaska

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Alaska boasts plenty of dangerous destinations for inexperienced travelers, including grizzly bear hot spots in Denali National Park. Every so often there's a tourist who ignores the park's safety rules on the do's and don'ts when meeting a bear in the wild. It's rude to stare in bear society and even ruder to stand around gawping at feeding mothers and their cubs while snapping photos for several minutes at a time. Tourist Richard White found this out the hard way, when he got himself killed in 2012 by a disgruntled bear. Grizzlies may look like over-sized teddy bears, but they are nowhere near as sociable as Paddington Bear!

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