7 Cities You Must Visit in the United States ...

Our great country is so big, so itโ€™s no surprise that there are so many cities you must visit in the United States! And I think itโ€™s great to travel domestically, because airfare is cheaper, and thereโ€™s so much our country offers and is famous for, so why not explore that? Here are a few cities you must visit in the United States, according to, well, me!

1. New York City

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Itโ€™s no surprise that the Big Apple is number one on this list! New York City is one of the liveliest cities I have ever been to. For first-timers, Time Square is a must-see! The lights and the hustle and bustle define New York City. If you love shopping, Madison Avenue is the place to be. There are tons of big-name designer stores there, so whether youโ€™re window shopping or going on a shopping spree, Madison Avenue will have it all! Also, New York City is famous for its plethora of restaurants โ€“ just make sure you have reservations! If you like nightlife, look no further: Manhattan is famous for itโ€™s night scene. Should you feel like sightseeing, there are always tour buses, cruises to the Statue of Liberty, and Central Park carriage rides. With that, I hope you see why New York City is definitely one of the cities you must visit in the United States!

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