3 of the Best Overland Trips in South America for Girls Who Travel Solo ...


3 of the Best Overland Trips in South America for Girls Who Travel Solo  ...
3 of the Best Overland Trips in South America for Girls Who Travel Solo  ...

Let's take a look at 3 of the best overland trips in South America.

Charismatic South America: 13 countries, the lush Amazon jungle; the dusty snowed in peaks of the Andes; white cashmere sands of the sweeping beachfronts that lap onto the crystal-clear azure ocean. If you are looking for the most incredible, unforgettable adventures, South America has it all and more. Experience the ultimate feast for the senses and let your journey be led by your soul. South America is a journey of discovery, as mysterious and intoxicating as the continent is, there is many a journey of the soul, waiting to be had here. Travelling through the continent solo is not an unusual pastime, and many solo travellers will encounter many a kindred spirit on their way. The worst part of your trip will be deciding where to go, so I have picked my top 3 overland trips in South America for those making their way overland with a smile, a backpack and a mission.

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Lima to Cusco via Arequipa - Peru

mountainous landforms, mountain, ridge, wilderness, highland, Travelling between Lima and Cusco is a popular route among locals and visitors alike. The road via Arequipa is not bad at all and there are many ways to enjoy this particular route. Lima is one of those destinations that is desperately underrated and to be fair not many people are mad about the place for a start. But for those who have taken the time to get to know the area a bit, they have found it to be a thoroughly rewarding experience. If you have more than 2 days, stick around, join a bike tour, and take the time to get on a first name basis with this quiet gem.

It is well worth it to book a tour on a reputable bus company – be very careful to do your research there are some cowboys out there – as you will get that much more out of your trip. There are some stunning landmarks in Arequipa and plenty of places to stay to suit every budget and the food is outstanding. And when you reach your destination at Cusco – that will be your real reward.


Salar De Uyuni from Bolivia to Chile

rock, badlands, wilderness, sky, cliff, Salar de Uyuni is the world’s largest salt flat and is a popular part of a tour through South Western Bolivia that goes all the way to the Chilean border. Most tours here comprise of 3 -4 days in a 4x4 exploring some of the most fascinating countryside in the world. Absolutely breath-taking, you can go here 12 months of the year. Surrounded by glow in the dark lakes that consist of mineral deposits from the mountains, the tour is rustic and basic and perfect for those looking for some adventure. When you choose an organised tour, the accommodation and meals are all arranged for you by your driver. If you want an even more amazing experience, hire your own 4x4 and book into the Palacio del Sal – the hotel is made entirely of salt!


Ushuaia to Santiago, Chile

track, transport, sky, mountainous landforms, path, This is one leg of South America that you are going to want to take your time with. You could probably do it in a week, but that will feel rushed and you will miss out on many of the incredible things to see along the way like the Tierra Del Fuego National Park in Ushuaia or Torres del Paine and the Perito Moreno Glacier. Because of its popularity, it is essential to book everything in advance, including your accommodation along the way. You could rent a car and do the trip on your own, but that is not half as much fun as doing the route with people. Book a tour and you will find that you get a lot more information and get taken to some of the best places off the beaten track.

South America is an amazing place and it is safe to travel solo as long as you are wise and take the necessary precautions. Group tours in South America are a great way to reach some of the most outstanding destinations and enjoy company on the way.

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