25 Secrets of Disneyland ...


If you keep in mind these secrets of Disneyland while on your next Disney trip and you’ll be sure to have a whole new experience! These are tips and tricks to remember next time you’re in the land of Disney to not only make you feel like a real insider, but some of them might also score you some very cool mementoes. I hope you have fun trying out these secrets of Disneyland!

1. The Light That Never Goes out

Kicking off this list of secrets of Disneyland is one you have to keep an eye out for. Above the fire station in Main Street is where Walt Disney himself had an apartment, and when he was there he would leave a light on so that the workers would know he was there in the park. Nowadays, the light is left on permanently to show that Walt will always be at Disneyland. The only time the light is turned off is out of respect when his daughters are in the park.

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