7 Epic Trips for Students in the UK ...


To qualify for the list of epic trips for students in the UK, there are two factors that are essential to nail. One – the attraction must be stunningly fabulous and two, it must be cheap! Obviously, these are going to be cheaper for students based in the UK, but if you’re coming on over, there are plenty of ways to make travelling here cheap including rail passes, bus tickets and youth hostels. Whether you’re from home or abroad, here are some epic trips for students in the UK.

1. Camp in the New Forest

Camp in the New Forest

You just knew camping was going to feature in the trips for students in the UK didn’t you? Well naturally – it is the cheapest way to travel. When the destination is the gorgeous New Forest you might just be persuaded to spend a few nights under canvas. Easily reached from London, it’s an understatement to call the forest a place of outstanding natural beauty. It is packed with trails, outdoor activities and tiny picturesque villages with welcoming pubs.

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