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Thanks to the rise of budget airlines, finding ways to use carry-on luggage is a travel necessity. I don't know about other countries, but here in the UK budget airlines have taken cutting costs to the extreme. This sometimes means ridiculous charges for suitcases. If you are going on a short vacation, these ways to use carry-on luggage can save you space and money.

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Minimize Clothes

One of the simplest ways to use carry-on luggage is to minimize clothes. Wherever possible, find items that easily transform from casual wear to evening wear. For example, a black maxi skirt can look casual during the day with a tank top, but glamorous at night with an evening top. Always remember, accessories and heels can change a lot. This means you can make almost every item interchangeable.


Don't Pack Heels

If you want to wear heels while on vacation, wear them to the airport. Carry flats in your hand luggage instead to save space. Once you get on your flight, you can change out of your heels. Not only are heels bulky, they are awkwardly shaped. This means they seriously limit your scope for useful luggage.


Limit the Tech

You're going on vacation for a few days, do you REALLY need an iPad? Stick to using your smartphone instead. Unlike your iPad, you can slip it into your pocket easily. It saves you space and can perform most tasks. Arrange it so all you need to do is answer emails while you're away. It's a great space saver.


Use Small Pockets for Toiletries

Most of us use toiletries that take up some serious bulk. The simplest way to get around this is to buy smaller versions. Or, if you are like me and want to save money, buy travel sized reusable containers and fill up with your usual products. Using the small pockets is essential here. You don't need cosmetics spilling all over the rest of your luggage.


Pack Small Accessories

As I mentioned before, accessories can make a big difference to the clothes you are taking away. However, you don't want to use up too much space if you want to make the most of your carry-on luggage. Pick a few light pieces that make bold statements. If you are going away for just a few days, that is all you will need. Nobody will notice if you wear the same item a few times.

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Vac Pac

Being able to vac pac is a great way to take more clothes. I highly recommend doing this for underwear at least. Do it too much and you may go over your weight limit, so try and limit yourself a little. Do remember, you will need to access a vacuum at the other end for returning. I am yet to give this one a go, mainly because I don't want the hassle of re-vacing at the other end!


Save Space

So the overall aim of these tips was to help you save space. But why on earth would you want to do that? The chances are, you may want to bring back some gifts. Saving space makes that possible. Do remember, though, you should be able to carry a purse too, which can hold a little extra.

Making the most of your carry-on luggage can soon become an art form. Most of the work comes with minimizing the clothes you take. The more you can wear to the airport, the better! If you like the make the most of carry-on luggage, how do you manage it?

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I lay all my jeans and dresses flat and then pack everything on top of them. Then I fold the remaining parts that's hanging out over all that I have packed. It saves a lot of space and keeps my jeans looking pressed and my dresses from being creased.

If you pack your socks/underwear/small clothing items by stuffing them in your shoes you'll save a lot of space, even with bulky heels!

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