7 Tips for Traveling Safely ...


7 Tips for Traveling Safely ...
7 Tips for Traveling Safely ...

Traveling around our beautiful country and around the world can be most exciting, to be sure! There are so many places to be seen with beauty that can only be fully appreciated in real life. However, in your travels, don't forget the importance of safety for yourself and others in your company. Too many times, you hear of accidents happening while someone was on vacation, and that's no way to have fun on vacation! Consider these 7 safety tips for travel before your next trip.

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Minimize Carry-on

The larger the objects you're carrying, the larger a target you are for a purse and luggage snatcher. Make sure to keep your purse small and any other luggage you must haul around small and close to your person. If you're in the city and not familiar with the area, it may be best to carry a fanny pack or something small like it rather than your large hobo bag. Make it harder for someone to be able to grab something in an effort to avoid the situation altogether.


Don't Draw Attention

I understand that while at certain tourist attractions like the Statue of Liberty and the Liberty Bell, you're going to be unable to "not look like a tourist." However, in places like New York City and other large places with great population, minimize your tourist look and blend in. To those looking for a target, you're more on the radar of choice when the can plainly see you're not familiar with your surroundings. Look the part of the area and blend to keep yourself off the target board.


Keep Important Info Safe

Unless you're going to be needing it for something during the day's events, leave important things such as your passport locked safely away and your hotel. In some countries, this may not be possible, with the raised levels of security, but if it is a possibility, it may be in your best interest to do so. By doing this, you will prevent your identity from being stolen, even if your purse is.


Separate Money

Never carry all your money in one location. You don't want to have your purse stolen and with that, all means of monetary survival. A good play would be to leave half your cash and at least one credit card locked up in your hotel. Keep another portion of your money in a pocket, bra or even your shoe, and the remainder in your purse. Maybe - hopefully - nothing will happen to you, but it's better to be safe than sorry!


Safety in Numbers

I understand your need to get away and be alone, believe me, I do. But a major trip should never be attempted alone. Take a spouse or a best friend with you to enjoy the trip and to help keep you safe. There is, after all, safety in numbers, right?


Pay Attention to Everything

Take note of the people around you, where the crowds are, and any other questionable actions. While there is safety in numbers, there is not safety in a crowd. Keep yourself to the side away from where people are congregating. If you notice someone who “just isn’t acting right” get away. Keep your eyes peeled for trouble.


Have Fun!

While you should pay attention and take heed to the words I have said, don’t let fear get ahold of you to the point where you can’t enjoy yourself. Have fun and relax.

Travel is most fun! World travel is a dream of mine that may or may not come true, but I know I'd enjoy it so much! These 7 tips for travel safety should help you enjoy your vacations worry-free. If you have anything to add, please feel free to comment!

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