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9 Ways Traveling Makes You a Better Person ...

By Corina

There are a lot of ways traveling makes you a better person! I’m not saying that you are better than the person sitting next to you, just that it will make you better than before. Of course, in order to succeed you should know how to travel. Visiting a foreign country and going only to different nightclubs without caring about its culture or the wonderful sights you could be visiting there, is not traveling. Also, if you pay a travel agent to plan that entire trip for you and you end up spending your entire vacation at some expensive resort, I must tell you that this is just a way to relax and not an opportunity to learn new things about different cultures or to experiment with new and exciting things. If you do it the right way, traveling will help you see things from a different perspective and you will lead a happier and healthier life. Here are a few ways traveling makes you a better person that you should always consider:

1 You Will Improve Your Social Skills

In my opinion, one of the best ways traveling makes you a better person is the fact that you will improve your social skills. While visiting new places and exploring different parts of the world, you will get to meet new people and even if at first, you might not feel comfortable talking to strangers, you will be forced to be more sociable. This way, you will learn how to reduce your social anxiety and how to adapt to all the new changes that occur in your life.

2 You Will Feel More Comfortable Alone

By traveling more, you will also learn how to enjoy your own company and how to feel more comfortable alone, especially if you are traveling solo.Even if you’re traveling with other people, you might still feel alone sometimes, especially when you go to a country where no one speaks your language. This feeling will soon go away, since you will discover what an awesome person you are and you will enjoy your company more.


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3 You Will Feel Less Stressed

You will definitely feel less stressed if you travel frequently. You will be able to recharge and relax while exploring interesting parts of the world. You will put all your worries behind and you will learn how to focus on the present and on the beautiful things that surround you. Traveling allows you to escape from this chaotic world, from your everyday responsibilities and gives you a chance to do all those things you enjoy but never have enough time for.

4 You Become More Flexible

Traveling will also help you become more flexible, since you’ll have to adapt to all the different changes that will occur in your journeys. Maybe your flight is cancelled or you missed the bus home; you’ll have to find things to keep you entertained while you wait. You become more open-minded and you learn how to enjoy the little things that you ignored for so long.

5 You Will Appreciate More What You Have

You will definitely be more grateful for what you have, especially for the chance to travel, since not so many people find the financial means to do it. In some countries, where the economic crisis is still present, people barely find a way to support themselves and provide for their families. So, by getting in contact with different people around the globe and by being able to experience their way of living, I’m sure you appreciate more what you have and you realize how fortunate you are.

6 You Will Improve Your Conversation Skills

Since you meet all kinds of people and live in all kinds of places, you have plenty of opportunities to improve your conversation skills. You will become a better listener and you will feel more comfortable talking to strangers. You will get better at making small talk and you will learn how to ask interesting questions that helps you get to know other people better.

7 You Will Be More Confident

Traveling will definitely help you increase your self-confidence, since you have to face all kinds of interesting situations and you have to overcome all kinds of obstacles to accomplish your goals. You will experience new things and you will feel wiser and stronger once you will fulfill your dreams, no matter how small or insignificant these goals might seem sometimes. You will realize that you have the ability to achieve everything, once you set your mind to do it.

8 You Will Be More Adventurous

Traveling will make you more adventurous since you will be put in all kinds of different situations and you just have to learn how to take risks. You will also become more confident in your ability to overcome any obstacle that may appear in your path and you will be more willing to get out of your comfort zone.

9 You Will Understand the Value of Things

Traveling will make you less materialistic. You will understand that you don’t need so many things to survive and to be happy. You will also realize that all those useless things you are often tempted to buy, won’t make you happier or more fulfilled. I’m sure you’re all familiar with that famous saying: “the more you own, the more it owns you”.

These are my reasons why traveling makes you a better and more fulfilled person. I’m sure my list isn’t complete and I bet there are many more things I could add to it. So, can you give me a hand and tell me why do you think traveling makes you a better person? Do tell!


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