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Have you ever thought of what you would have to do to survive in the wild? Probably not. It’s okay, most people don’t. In today’s world, it is almost impossible to get lost with all of the cell service and GPS trackers that we have. But just in case you do ever get lost and have no connection to the outside world, I have a few tips on how to survive in the wild until you are found.

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Build a Shelter

One of the first things you want to do to survive in the wild is build a shelter. Try to find a bunch of sticks and form them into a tee-pee structure. If that doesn’t work, try to create a lean to by resting a lunch of logs and sticks against a low branch. It is important to have a shelter so you can stay warm and dry. The smaller the shelter, the warmer it will keep you. If you can’t find any sticks, start digging. Make a shelter under the roots of a tree for a cave-like structure.


Create a Hunting Weapon

Carve a knife out of wood, or a spear out of a long stick so you can go fishing. You can also make a bow and arrow out of sticks and string. Knives can also be used for daily tools and protection from predators.


Find a Source of Water

A human being cannot survive more than three days without water. Try to find a river, stream, or lake that you can get fresh water from. If you cannot find a natural source of water, try to find something that can catch rainwater. To purify the water, boil it over a fire to get rid of bacteria.


Find a Source of Food

If you are lost in the wild, you can find berries and grass to eat. However, if you happen to see white berries, do not eat them! They will kill you! You can also always hunt for food. Fish is always a good option because they have a good amount of protein and are easy to catch. If you can’t fish, you can see if there are mussels laying on the bottom of the river’s floor that you can eat.


Keep a Fire Going

This is one is probably the most vital to your survival. Fire keeps you warm, and it cooks away bacteria from your food and water. Fire also creates smoke, and if there are people looking for you they will be able to see the smoke if the fire is big enough.


Stay Dry/ Clean

It is important to stay dry because once you do get wet, it is very hard to get dry again. If you stay wet, you have a very good chance of catching a cold and a fever, and maybe even hypothermia, which can be fatal if you are not taken to a hospital, and chances are that if you are lost in the wild, you won’t be going to a hospital anytime soon. Also, keep yourself clean. Wash yourself with water when you can and make sure any cuts or wounds are clean. The tiniest scratch on your finger can get infected, and the result may be that you lose your entire hand to a bacterial infection.


Stay out of the Sun

Even though it may be boring being lost in the wilderness and you think that it might be a good idea to get your tan on, it’s not. Stay out of direct sunlight as much as you possibly can to avoid dehydration and sunburn.

Being lost can be scary. Being lost in the wilderness is terrifying. The first thing you have to remember to do is stay calm, because the most powerful tool that you have in any situation is your mind. Hopefully, you will remember these tips in case you ever do get lost, or even just for camping! What are some things that you would do to survive in the wilderness?

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