8 Essential Packing Rules for Flying ...


8 Essential Packing Rules for Flying ...
8 Essential Packing Rules for Flying ...

Packing rules for flying have only been so important since 9/11 and the spate of real and pseudo terrorist incidents that followed it. When once we only used to have to worry about sharp objects and the spare gas canister for our curling tongs nowadays we have to give more thought to the packing regulations. There are certain packing rules for flying that you really must follow because it’s the law, and then there are those you should follow because they make sense and help get your vacation off to a stress free start. I’ve put together a list that is a mix of packing regulations and general advice that I think is most relevant. Here are 8 Essential Packing Rules for Flying:

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Accessories - Advisable

You should always pack a small travel alarm clock (your hotel may not offer a wake-up service), hair dryer with suitable adapter (if going overseas), a brush, camera and of course a toothbrush. You’ll find that purchasing cameras in foreign countries is usually expensive, and disposable cameras generally aren’t as good as a digital camera.


Baby Care Items - Rule

There’s always the possibility that you are going to be waiting at the airport for a long time due to delays, so one of the packing rules for flying that parents must always follow is to pack enough diapers to last a day at the very least. Your carry-on luggage can contain formula and milk for babies, as well as any specialized medicines that they require.


Batteries - Rule

You will not be allowed to carry any lithium batteries on the plane whatsoever (carry-on or checked baggage), but all other types of battery can be included in your checked luggage.


Food Beverages - Rule

Waits at the airport can be inconvenient, especially due to the fact that you cannot take any pre-bottled water into the airport lobby. This means that you must purchase any bottled water after you have passed through the security checks. Alcohol should be placed in your checked baggage and not carried onto the plane with you.

You may want to pack some foods to carry onto the plane with you, such as sandwiches and fruit. By providing your own food you’ll avoid paying large amounts of money for airplane food.


Clothing and Shoes - Advisable

Think ahead to the type of climate you will encounter, even if you are on a domestic vacation. Depending on where you are going, taking additional jackets and an umbrella is advisable. One of the best packing rules when flying is to take an extra change of clothes in your carry-on luggage in case you are caught in an emergency. You should also think about what you’ll be doing and whether that will require specialized footwear: hiking and walking will require boots, and dancing will require formal shoes.


Toiletries, Cosmetics and Medication - Rule

You should pack cosmetics and toiletries in your checked luggage, but there is the option of carrying containers of 3 oz. or less and packed in one 1-qt. zippered plastic bag in your carry-on luggage. A packing rule for flying to remember is that when carrying medicine it’s best to keep it in its original bottle or packet – that way foreign doctors will be able to check what you are taking in an emergency.


Firearms and Flammables - Rule

One of the strictest packing rules for flying you’ll come across is that pertaining to firearms. Only law enforcement officers are allowed to carry firearms onto the plane, but some firearms can be checked into your baggage. You should never carry flammable liquids on the plane.


Aerosols - Rule

All aerosols such as deodorants should be packed into your checked luggage. However you shouldn’t pack any harmful aerosols, such as cleaning products, into any of your luggage. This is one packing rule that is likely to cause a problem if you don’t follow, similar to flammables and firearms.

I hope that my list of 8 Essential Packing Rules for Flying will help to make your vacation enjoyable. My list is not complete, and there may be things which have not been included, but by following these rules you should ensure that your vacation is stress-free. I invite you to share any tips or experiences you’ve had when packing for flying in the comments section – I’d love to read what you have to say.

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