8 Helpful Ways to Beat Jet Lag when Traveling the Globe ...


8 Helpful Ways to Beat Jet Lag when Traveling the Globe ...
8 Helpful Ways to Beat Jet Lag when Traveling the Globe ...

As a busy executive or someone who’s always up and about his business, you may find that you’re often on the move so you need some ways to beat jet lag. Going on a road trip can be fun, but it’s something else when you have to be in the air.

But then, even for first-time fliers, jet lag can totally steal the fun out of flying. You find that you begin to dread that next trip. The thought of getting on an airplane for another trip to your next business destination is no longer appealing. And when you’re in the air, you just can’t wait to hit the ground again.

If you’re a frequent flier, the symptoms of jet lag should be familiar to you: fatigue, disturbed sleep and dizziness, difficulty concentrating and even stomach problems. Of course, some people have developed bowel cramps due to jet lag. Overall, jet lag can also make one grouchy and irritable.

However, because some of your trips are mandatory, you need to know what to do before you hit the air again. While totally eliminating symptoms of jet lag may be unrealistic, there are steps to take to reduce the effect and make your next trip more relaxing. Consider the following ways to beat jet lag.

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Get Some Sleep

Before traveling, try to ensure that you’re well-rested. If you have to run to the airport right from work, you’re most likely going to experience jet lag. So plan your trip well-ahead and sleep properly before you get on a plane. That's one of the best ways to beat jet lag.


Change Regular Flight Schedule

According to experts, changing your flight schedule to adjust to your trip would save you a lot of trouble dealing with jet lag. Move your sleep time earlier if you’re traveling east and if you’re going west, make that the opposite. Do this in the days leading up to your trip.


Arrive Earlier than Expected

When you’re planning your trip, decide to arrive early so you can get some rest before getting to anything serious.


Stay Hydrated

Water is important, and you need to keep yourself as hydrated as possible. Ensure you have a bottle of water with you, rather than sugary beverages or alcohol. Alcohol and caffeine can disrupt sleep while water will clear your bowel and make you more relaxed afterward.


Move around a While

Of course, if you’re traveling long hours, don’t spend the whole time sleeping en route to your destination. Get up and move around to improve your circulation and reduce cramps.


Don’t Overeat

Stuffing yourself with all kinds of food just before getting on a plane isn’t always a smart idea. You can have bowel disturbances and that will totally spoil your mood and composure. If you’re traveling, it’s better to eat light a few hours before you actually get on a plane.


Use an Eye Mask

And earplugs, as well. It can be hard getting sound sleep when you’re flying, with the movie showing or a nosy co-passenger beside you. But if you do need to sleep, do so. And ensure you don’t get distracted while you’re at it because interrupted sleep can also increase symptoms of jet lag.


Choose Your Airline

This is very important. Its way easier to find relaxing time aboard some airplanes than others. If you can afford to, fly business or first class. If not, look for an airline with comfy chairs and plenty of leg room.

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