7 Ways to Deal with Jet Lag ...


7 Ways to Deal with Jet Lag ...
7 Ways to Deal with Jet Lag ...

Ever had jet lag? Not great is it? If you are traveling long distances on airplanes, chances are you are going to have to deal with jet lag. Crossing time zones has frustrating consequences but if you take a few precautions, then knowing ways to overcome jet lag are going to be very welcome. If you are planning a trip that will leave you reeling, here are 7 ways to deal with jet lag:

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Schedule Your Time

A good way to help you deal with a confused internal clock is to schedule your meetings or events on the other side, according to your own time zone at home, where possible. Move your schedule around so that is still resembles office hours at home and you will be able to remain alert and focused during your meetings. This is an especially helpful way to deal with jet lag if you are traveling long distances with a short turnaround.



It is very tempting to hit the coffee hard on a long haul flight, but it is only going to dehydrate you further. Dehydration is one of the biggest factors in causing jetlag, and flying on its own with the dry cabins and central climate control will dry you out all on its own. To help prevent jet lag, it is extremely important to drink as much water as possible. To ensure that you are going to have enough water for your flight, buy some on the other side of the security check.


Sleep on the Plane

Work out what time you will be arriving at your destination, and plan your sleep patterns according to that. If you are going to land in the evening or late afternoon, then try your best to stay awake during the flight, so that when you land you will be tired enough to go to sleep. To cope with jet lag , if you are landing in the morning, then try and sleep during the flight as much as possible so that you will feel refreshed when you arrive.


Stretch Your Legs

Sitting in a cramped position for hours on time will definitely not help you to deal with jet lag. Try and get up and stretch your legs now and again during the flight, get the blood flow moving in your legs and swing your arms, even if it looks slightly ridiculous. While you are sitting, move your ankles and circles, and move your feet up and down to help stretch the muscles.


Maintain Your Routine

If you land in the morning, grab a nice cup of fresh coffee first thing. Make sure that you drink lots of water, tea or coffee during the day to keep you going and no matter what, do not have a quick nap. Once you have made it through your first day dealing with jet lag, you can crash on your bed and enjoy a full night’s sleep. Don’t drink coffee at night, stick to water or non-caffeinated drinks.



Activity, fresh air or bright lights will all help you restart your confused body clock, and help you overcome jet lag. The first morning after you land, head out for a good exercise session in a brightly lit gym, get the earphones in and pump up the volume, and enjoy a good workout. If you can get out to the beach or go for a run in the park, even better.


Use an Alarm Clock

To reset your routine, make use of an alarm clock and stay away from the snooze button. Set an alarm to remind yourself to go to bed on the first night, even if you are not feeling tired; pick up a book and close the curtains and go to bed. Take some hot chocolate with you, and have a nice hot bath beforehand to help you sleep. When your alarm goes off in the morning, make sure you get up right away.

Managing jet lag does take a bit of time and overcoming jet lag won’t happen immediately. Try some fundamental tricks to deal with jet lag - you will get there.

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Jeeze. SOMEONE "peed" in her cornflakes.

Some great tips and I use them all and it works when I arrive at my destination and basically going back in time. But when I head back home to Australia nothing really helps except lots of sleep, can take a few weeks to get back to normal.

Why do you think that Ally? Jet lag is a very real issue for some people and it can spoil their travels. Knowing how to best avoid it or how to deal with it is a good thing, surely?

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