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35 Great Tips and Secrets for a Fantastic Trip to Disneyland ...

By Kelly

I'm here to give you some tips that will make your trip to Disneyland the best it can be. Planning your next trip to the happiest place on Earth? Use these tips that will make your trip to Disneyland the best it can be and discover these secrets to get the most out of your visit.

1 You Can save on a Ton of $$$ Buy Buying Disneyland Tickets at Costco or a Similar Wholesale Club. the Same Applies for Tickets at Other Theme Parks

2 You Can Also save Money if You Buy Your Tickets in Advance

3 Take a Picture of the Back of Your Ticket, Just in Case if You Lose It

4 Plan Which Rides You Must Ride and Which Ones You Can do without so You Don’t Get Sucked in by Short Wait Times for Smaller Rides That Might Not Be Worth It

5 Food and Drinks Are Allowed in the Park

6 You Can Enter the Park without Getting through the Gates. by Using the Monorail You Can Ride All the Way to Tomorrowland

7 Radiator Springs Racers is the Ride That Runs out of the Fast Passes the Fastest so Make Sure if You Want to Hop on the Ride Get Those Passes First

8 With the Disneyland App, You Don’t Even Need to Be in Front of the Rides to Get the Wait Times

9 Most People Don’t Go on Rainy Days, so Make the Most of Indoor Rides or Even Braving the Weather

10 Make Sure You Pay Attention to the Tiny Stamp at the Bottom of Your Fast Pass Tickets, It’s a Signal of when You Can Get Your Next Fast Pass so You Can Have Multiple Passes at One Time

11 Use the Single Rider Line to save Time. Just Know That You Might Not Get Seated Next to Your Party

12 Getting a Photo Pass Will Provide Access to All the Pictures Taken of You That Day so There’s No Need to Bring a Camera

13 If You Have a Pass, You May Get Discounts on Food and Merch so Make Sure to Check How Much You save Depending on the Pass. Downtown Disney as Well!

14 Is It Your Birthday? Anniversary? Go to City Hall to the Right of Main Street and Ask for a Special Button to Wear around the Park!

15 Save Some Money by Asking for Free Water Cups at Restaurants Instead of Buying Bottles. or Fill up Your Own Water Bottles with the Multitude of Water Fountains around the Park

16 Avoid Getting Wet on Water Rides by Sitting in the Middle of the Ride and Lifting Your Feet and Ducking Your Head

17 Want to Get a Good Seat for the Shows like Fantasmic or World of Color? You Can Now Use a Fastpass to Get a Better View

18 Reserve a Table at One of the Many Restaurants a Few Days or Even a Few Weeks before Heading to Disneyland

19 On Main Street, Look for the Firehouse. above the Firehouse Was Walt Disney’s Actual Apartment Where He Lived and Worked for a While

20 Many Rides Have a Single Rider Line but Space Mountain Does Not

21 There Are Many Unofficial Events like Dapper Day (a Day Where Everyone Dresses like They Are from the Forties or Fifties), so Make Sure That You Keep an Eye out for Those for a More Eventful Trip!

22 More People Tend to Go Right when a Line Splits so Make Sure to Go on the Left Side

23 Speaking of Left, the Matterhorn’s Left Track Goes Faster

24 You Can Get a Free Picture Emailed to You from Buzz Astro Blasters so You Can See Who Actually Won the round of Shooting

25 Want to Get a Quick Workout in? Canoes Are Rented out by the Mark Twain Steamboat

26 Go to the Water Rides Early in the Morning or Later in the Evening. Most of the Time the Hot Southern California Weather Ensures That You Don’t Stay Soaked for Rest of Your Day

27 Pin Trading is One of the Biggest Activities in the Park. You Can Even Trade with the People That Work There!

28 Snow White’s Adventure and Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride Have the Shortest Wait Times since They Are Mostly Overlooked and Are Also Pretty Scary for Children

29 The Mailboxes around the Park Are Actually Used by Disneyland

30 Ice Cream Nachos at the Golden Horseshoe Are on the “secret” Menu

31 You Might Find a Bunch of Disney Characters in Rides and Locations That They Don’t Belong in. Chip from Beauty and the Beast Can Be Found in Tarzan’s Tree-house

32 There Are Lots of Cats Wandering the Park since They Are Responsible for Keeping Mice Away at Night

33 If You Get in the Line to a Ride before the Park Closes, You Can Still Get on the Ride, Even after the Park is Closed

34 Watch the Fireworks from Big Thunder Mountain since Most People Watch It on Main Street

35 Save Time by Watching the Fireworks from the Roof of the Parking Structure. You Can Get into Your Car and Can Beat the Closing Rush

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