8 Tips for Coping with Plane Trips ...


8 Tips for Coping with Plane Trips ...
8 Tips for Coping with Plane Trips ...

Do you find that travelling by air is becoming more and more stressful every time you travel? What with increased security checks, restrictions, delays, volcanos and fellow passengers, you’re stressed before you’ve even got on the plane. Plus even with a short flight there is a lot of travelling and time expended in getting to and from the airport. So here are some tips on how to make it a bit easier.

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Pack Early

Preparation is a very good idea when travelling! A last-minute frantic search for a mislaid passport is guaranteed to make you panicky and frazzled. So start getting organised early. Make sure you know where your passport and other essential documents are, and begin packing a couple of days before you depart.


All in Good Time

Don’t be one of those people who dashes up to check-in at the last minute, as if there’s a queue you might not get to the front in time. Allow plenty of time to get to the airport, and factor in the possibility of transport or road delays.


Be Prepared

In-depth security checks are a fact of air travel these days. Even though it’s irritating to have to take off your shoes, empty your pockets, stand in queues, and answer questions to reenter your own country, it’s best to just accept this as part of the process of travelling. Just be compliant and let it take its course.



Flying these days can be stressful for anyone, but if you’re nervous it’s even worse. I used to suffer from a fear of flying, and found hypnotherapy to be immensely useful. It wasn’t an instant ‘cure’, but it did allow me to get on that plane, and with time I found it easier. Now I have no problem at all. Result!!


Travel Light

Even if you have a wheeled case, you will have to do quite a bit of dragging it around. It’s best to travel as light as possible, and not load yourself down with bags, coats etc., so that you don’t get too hot and bothered. Plus you’re bound to do some shopping, so when travelling light on the outward journey means you have space for holiday purchases!


Check Route

If you’re travelling an unfamiliar route, check well in advance how to get to the airport. Also find out if there is anything affecting your transport to the airport, such as roadworks, engineering works or strikes. If going by car, have a map handy and look into airport parking beforehand if you plan to leave it there while you’re away.


Passing the Time

Although it is best to get to the airport in plenty of time, that does mean that you have time to kill. So pack enough means of keeping yourself amused. A good book and an iPod should help (do make sure that your iPod is fully charged before you go).


Hand Luggage

If you’re checking in a case, then make sure that you pack all essential things in your hand luggage. That means anything valuable, any medication you can’t do without – and of course, your passport! Also put anything you’ll want during the flight in your hand luggage.

Do you have any tips to help ease the strain of air travel?

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