7 Tips to Avoid Flight Sickness ...


7 Tips to Avoid Flight Sickness ...
7 Tips to Avoid Flight Sickness ...

Long plane journeys are trying enough even without flight sickness to contend with. Noisy kids, uncomfortable seating, irritating neighbours … on top of all this, a bad bout of nausea will have you desperately asking the captain to please take you home. Luckily, however, there’s no need to panic. As long as you follow a few basic guidelines and get on the plane prepared, you should be able to keep queasiness at bay for the duration of the journey. To help you with this, I’ve done a little reading and put together a list of 7 tips to avoid flight sickness.

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An essential tip to avoid flight sickness is to eat a small, simple meal about an hour before you plan to get onto the plane. Avoid anything that’s very rich, excessively creamy or extremely hot – these will only aggravate the nausea once you’re airborne. Instead, opt for something like a sandwich of low GI bread, lean meat, salad and no mayo. This should help to line your stomach, but won’t cause it to work overtime.


Avoid Caffeine

Instead of tea, coffee or caffeinated soda, drink water or a ginger-based cordial before you board the plane. Caffeine is a stimulant and can cause lightheaded dizziness and nauseous sensations on its own. Combining it with air travel is a recipe for discomfort.



There is a wide variety of good anti-nausea medication available from pharmacies and chemists everywhere. Take the recommended dose with food about an hour or so before you board. In addition, you can also take natural ginger pills as a guard against nausea.


Select a Good Seat

Choosing a good location -- when it's possible -- is another great tip to avoid flight sickness. Some parts of the aeroplane move around more than others and these are the areas in which you will experience flight sickness the most severely. Try to find a seat over the wing; this midsection of the plane tends to be the most stable.


Drink Carbonated Water

As soon as you can, order yourself a bottle of sparkling water from a hostess on the plane. The bubbles help to allay queasiness, and, of course, drinking plenty of fluids will help you to stay hydrated. So, this tip is actually doubly helpful.



During the flight, snacking lightly on something very plain and dry is a helpful tip to avoid flight sickness. Avoid things like potato crisps since these are very salty and oily, and instead ask for a few simple crackers. The bland carbs will help to settle your stomach and prevent that awful empty, swooping sensation that often accompanies nausea.


Sit Still

If, despite all of your preventative actions, you continue to feel queasy on the plane, sit still and face forward. Don’t read, play with a video consul or even watch the in flight movie. Instead, keep your eyes fixed on one, stationary point and concentrate on inhaling and exhaling in long, even breaths.

Flight sickness can be a real disaster. There’s nothing worse than finding yourself locked in an aeroplane toilet and unable to return to your seat for fear of throwing up on the way. As long as you take a few basic preventative measures, however, you should remain nausea-free. That concludes my list of 7 tips to avoid flight sickness. Do you have any suggestions of your own to add?

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