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Video Guide on How to Pack Light for Travel ...

By Natalya

Everyone should know how to pack light for travel. It's a great skill to have! I will explain how to pack for 3 to 5 days without going overboard. It was a challenge for me but I did it. So, here's how to pack light for travel.

1 Dress for the Weather

You should check the weather where you are traveling and pack according to the weather. This is absolutely one of the best tips for how to pack light for travel.

2 What to Wear on the Day of Travel

This is very important. You should wear the heaviest things and not to pack them. For example, a trench coat or leather jacket. Everything that heavy will go on me. If I want to take a hat, I don’t pack it because it ruins in my carry on. I choose to take it with me.

3 Plan by Preselecting the Outfits

This is a great trick. I have been using it for a long time. Preselect accessories, scarves and shoes. You should take pictures of your outfits to remember what to wear. You do not have to think at all about what to wear every single day. It makes life so much easier.

4 Choose Lightweight Items

Another thing I keep in mind is choosing lightweight items such as blouses, dresses, lightweight cardigans and all items that do not take up much space.

5 Fold and Roll Your Items

Once I know what I am taking, the next step is to pack it to carry on. The important thing is to fold and roll the items.

6 Choose Your Shoes

The next step is to choose shoes that I will take. If it is winter I wear heavy boots. If it is summer I wear wedges. I wear them on the plane. When choosing the color of shoes, it will be black and nude.

7 Do Not Forget Accessories

I usually place my accessories in a nice small bag. When it comes to underwear and socks, I just roll them into a small bag.

8 Take Only the Essentials

What I usually do is to put toiletries in small containers. You do not have to take the whole bottle of shampoo or conditioner.

Now it is very easy to travel. It is much easier to travel this way.

I am sharing with you this amazing video. Enjoy it!

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