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Coming up with items to pack for a cruise is completely different than packing items for any other kind of trip. You have special needs on a cruise, with specific agendas and necessities. A lot of people don't know these little tips and tricks I'm about to share with you when packing for a cruise that will make your trip even better than planned. Here are a few not so typical items to pack for a cruise.

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Surge Protector or a Power Strip

Most cruise cabins only have one outlet in the entire room. I'm not sure how that's possible, but you want to make sure you bring a power strip so you can plug multiple devices in at once. I may not be using my phone on the trip, but I'll certainly want to charge my Kindle and dry my hair, possibly at the same time. Bottom line: you need more than one outlet, so make sure to add this to the very top of your items to pack for a cruise.


Bottled Water or a Water Bottle

Cruise lines actually allow you to bring bottled water on board the ship, but if you want to save plastic and room, you can take one refillable water bottle and that can last you the whole cruise. They even have filtered water bottles that filter as you drink if you want to be extra cautious. You can fill the bottle when you go for meals and will have something in your room to take medications at night if you need to. You can even stock up for the shore excursions and take it out with you when you leave ship..


Bottled Water Flavor Packets

Did you know the cruise lines charge you for sodas and juice? You can save a lot of money by cutting out the sodas and just taking flavored water packets with you. They are small and compact and you can take one in your purse to dinners or on shore with you to the beach. It's an easy way to curb the craving without paying for it.


Seasickness and Various Other Medications

Some people have a fear that they will get really seasick and don't, while others think that with it being such a big ship they won't get sick, and do. It's always a good idea to take seasickness medications (as well as other various medications), even if it's not your first cruise. You never know when illness could strike and you don't want to be unprepared and miserable in the middle of the ocean.


Biodegradable Sunscreen

As I prepare for my upcoming cruise, I have found out that most excursions are now requiring bio-degradable sunscreen if you want to play in the water or go snorkeling by the reefs. It makes sense. I wouldn't want something that doesn't break down in the water near my living children, much less the living reefs of the world. So make sure you take biodegradable sunscreen if you plan to hit the beach.


Biodegradable Bug Spray

If you're going on an excursion into the jungle, you definitely want to take bug spray, and just like before, they are going to require you to bring and wear biodegradable bug spray. They are actually checking your bags for this, so make sure you have a labeled bottle on you if you're applying it throughout the excursions.


Antiseptic Wipes

I'm a stickler when it comes to wiping down surfaces of places that have been used before me, so I typically have some antiseptic wipes with me. They kills germs and makes the stuffy room smell and feel fresh. This will also help you with tidying up the cruise cabin throughout the trip if you're a neat freak like I am.


Air Freshener

It happens to everyone. We all have to go to the bathroom and when we do , it's nice to freshen up the place, especially if that place is a tiny cabin. So be sure to pack your favorite, most effective air freshener for the bathroom and all the times your cabin air just seems stale.


Shoe Organizer

This tip is especially good for people who are going on an extended-length cruise. Take a shoe organizer, hang it over the bathroom door, and store all of your bath products in there - shampoo, soap, razors. It gets them out of the way in the tiny bathroom, and yet they're still easy to reach.


Duct Tape

You never know you need it until you do, and then when you do need it you never have it. Just bring some. You'll find uses for it; maybe for duct taping your significant others mouth shut when he's snoring, or your kids to the wall when they won't settle down. Who knows? It can also act as a good lint roller.



They may not be your first thought, but when you think you see a whale out in the ocean, you'll be wishing you'd brought them. They're also good for shore excursions on the beach and relaxing by the ocean. If you want to be extra creepy, you can find yourself a spot on the deck and people watch with them!

You know the packing basics, but cruises are a whole different ball game. Above all else, be sure that the items you pack for a cruise are items that you'll use because you don't want any wasted space. Try to double up on some items and find multiple uses for others. Most importantly, have fun! Where are you headed this summer?

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Walkie-talkies are also a great idea so that you don't hike up your phone bill while still staying in touch with whoever you are on the cruise with

I love the humour in this article. :)

Great article! Perfect for my cruise coming up in aug!

Power board is such a good idea!

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