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There are some simple tips for wrinkle free clothes when you're traveling, which will mean you won't be irritated by the fact that all of your favorite garments look like they have been haphazardly thrown into your suitcase in a rush. But let's face it, sometimes this happens when we're packing! No one wants to look creased and crinkled while they're on the road, but with some careful choices, you can be safe in the knowledge that you won't have to spend hours smoothing out your garments on your arrival. Traveling crease-free needn't be a chore and here are some simple steps to wrinkle free clothes that will help.

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Intelligent Packing

It's all about the packing when it comes to wrinkle free clothes and intelligent packing will help. Avoid throwing things into your suitcase if you can, as you will pay the crinkle price when you arrive at your destination! Make use of the fabulous internal pockets in some suitcases, which can help hold clothes in place. Avoid over-stuffing your bags and roll knitwear, linens and denims so you don't get any unsightly folds that you will have to spend time ironing later.


To make rolling even more effective, consider using packing cubes or compression bags to maintain the shape of your rolled items and maximize space. Additionally, strategically place heavier items at the bottom and lighter, more wrinkle-prone garments on top. For dress shirts and blouses, try the interfold technique, placing a piece of tissue paper between each fold to minimize creasing. Remember, less is more when it comes to packing; not only is it easier on your back, but it also gives your clothes room to breathe, reducing the chance of wrinkles.


Swift Unpacking

I know, the first thing you want to do when you get to your destination is throw your bags into your room and dive straight into that super cool and appealing pool. The last thing you want to do is unpack your clothes, but it really will save your clothes if you pack upon arrival or as soon as you can. Try not to 'live' out of the suitcase because your clothes will just become more and more wrinkled.



Even if you're traveling somewhere warm, you may need something to keep you warm when the temperatures plummet in the evening. Choose knits instead of weaves. Woven fabrics will crease more than jersey, tricot, cable and ribbed knits.



I love linen. It looks fresh and sexy, especially when you're in a warm country, and one of the great things about this fabric is that the creases just seem to fall out. Even if your linen garments are a little crumpled and creased, you'll still look effortlessly chic so opt for linen.



There are some fibers and fabrics which are less prone to creases. You can either opt for synthetic fabrics or those which contain a blend of natural and cotton fabrics. Synthetic fabrics include acrylic, micro-fibers, polyester and acetate.


Wools and Silks

If you're a strict vegan look away now, as you're obviously exempt from this packing rule. Wools and silks are natural fibers which have more elasticity and therefore are a lot less prone to creasing and crinkling. Silk items are also a lot less bulky and will take up less room in your suitcase.


Last Resorts and Little Tricks

Obviously, there's the trusty travel iron if you have room in your case and chances are, the hotel will have facilities for you to iron out the creases. Another trick which will help avoid the ironing hassle is to hang your clothes up in your hotel bathroom when you arrive at your destination and run a steamy shower or hot bath. This will naturally iron out the harsh creases!

These are a few steps to wrinkle free clothes on your travels. Do you have any other hints and tips?

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Never buy an article for travel without scrunching up a bit to see if it creases. 3tops with 3 bottoms that go with everything gives you 9 outfits so work on that formula and take less.

yup roll your clothes... best way to avoid wrinkles and create that extra space for all the shopping!

Rolling is the best way to avoid wrinkled clothes

Downey wrinkle spray works good. Lay out the garment, spray, and smooth out wrinkles.

Roll everything!

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