8 Incredible Tips for Packing Light for Every Trip ...


8 Incredible Tips for Packing Light for Every Trip ...
8 Incredible Tips for Packing Light for Every Trip ...

Tips for packing light can come in handy when travelling. While the thought of packing can throw off even the most seasoned traveller, packing light can have many practical benefits. In this day and age of budget airlines and carriers, packing light can save you both time and money. So, if you’re willing to slim down on excess baggage, check out these handy tips for packing light.

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Plan Ahead

One of the main tips for packing light is to plan ahead. It’s important to make sure you’re aware of luggage restrictions so you don’t get slugged with any extra fees later on. Luggage restrictions can vary between carriers so always do your research. Also check the weather forecast so you’ll know what type of clothes to pack for your trip. It’s also wise to pack ahead of time, so you don’t end up hastily packing items away at the last minute.


Make a List

Making a list can help you separate between what’s necessary and what’s not when packing. Write down exactly how many tops, skirts, pants, and shoes you’ll need. If the number of items you bring in each category exceeds the number of days you’ll be away, it’s probably a sign you need to cut down on some clothing. Once you’re happy with your list, check each item off as you pack and resist the urge to add more as you go along.


Go for Versatility

The thing with packing light is that we fear we will end up with limited wardrobe options. But if you choose versatile clothing and footwear then this shouldn’t be the case. Try and pack separates that can easily be mixed and matched to create different outfit options while you’re away. A few statement accessories can also update your look.


Stick to a Colour Scheme

When packing light, you want all your clothes to mix and match. One of the most effective ways to do this is to pack clothes within a similar colour scheme. One tip is to try and base the colour scheme around the shoes that you’re likely to wear the most – that way you can also save space by limiting the number of shoes you bring.


Learn to Layer

Bringing lots of light layers can be a big help when packing light. If you’re heading to a colder climate, try packing thermals and thin sweaters rather than bulky knits and coats. If you’re heading to a fairly warm climate, a few light layers can come in handy for those ‘just in case’ cooler days.


Wear You Bulkiest Items

Another tip for packing light is to wear your bulkiest clothes on travel days. Think of things like coats, boots, jeans, and sweaters. Wearing your bulkiest clothing on travel days is a practical way to save on luggage space. Even if you get too hot, you can always stow away any layers in an overhead compartment or luggage rack while travelling.



Downsize your toiletries and accessories while travelling. Avoid bringing full-sized items like hairdryers. If you can’t live without them then choose a travel-sized version instead. With toiletries, you can easily buy miniature versions of your favourites. Another space saving tip is to buy toiletries once you reach your destination.


Edit and Evaluate

Turning into a packing master can take some practice. Hone your skills by constantly editing and evaluating what you pack. Evaluate your packing list after a trip and take note of any items you didn’t use or didn’t need. That way you’ll know what to bring on your next trip.

Packing light can be really practical when travelling. These are just a few tips to help you cut down on excess luggage. What tips do you have for packing light?

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Packing for Miami in a bit, this list is PERFECT!

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