7 Simple Ways to Avoid Overpacking on Your Travels ...

By Rosalina

7 Simple Ways to Avoid Overpacking on Your Travels ...

I must confess, traveling light used to be an alien concept but I have learnt some simple ways to avoid overpacking on your travels which I would like to share. As a woman, surely we have to cater for every eventuality! We pack as though we're going away for six months when actually we're only away for a week or two. And all because we just panicked and played a thousand 'what if' scenarios over and over in our heads. Avoiding overpacking requires a little strategic planning and there are some simple ways to avoid overpacking which will mean you will travel lighter and still look fabulous on your travels.

Table of contents:

  1. itinerary
  2. weather
  3. planning
  4. careful choices
  5. fabulous favorites
  6. holdalls
  7. wear it

1 Itinerary

Think about your itinerary when looking for ways to avoid overpacking. Do you have a rough idea of where you plan to go and what you intend to be doing on your travels? The last thing you want to do is hear about a day trip but be unable to go because you just don't have the right attire. If there are formal events which require evening dress, make sure you take something to cater for that eventuality. But don't bring any unnecessary outfits if you can help it.

2 Weather

Be sure to research the weather at your destination and plan accordingly. If you're going to a very hot country, chances are you will need a lightweight cardigan or wrap for the evening when it gets a bit cooler and you probably won't need an umbrella.

3 Planning

As a rule, even if you're going away for several months, you should never need more than six days' worth of clothing. And remember, lightweight is key when it comes to avoiding overpacking. There are so many ways to mix and match your clothes so as to avoid hearing the dreaded "She's been wearing that outfit all week" being muttered as you walk into the breakfast room.

4 Careful Choices

Dark colors and prints are less likely to show the dirt so they're always handy to take on travels. That's not to say you can't do any washing but if you're only going away for a week or two, who wants to spend time doing laundry unless they really have to! If you're going away for longer then you will be doing some washing and the lighter the garment the quicker it will be to dry. Think carefully about colors too. Black and khaki are great foundation colors which you can work around and that you can both dress up and down with a mix of accessories.

5 Fabulous Favorites

We all have our trusty favorites when it comes to clothes and accessories. Remember to pack a couple of your favorite belts and scarves for a little variety so you can mix and match and accessorize on your travels.

6 Holdalls

Pack a lightweight holdall for if you're planning to do a spot of shopping on your travels. Also, pack a fanny pack (we call them bum-bags over here) or a small back-pack for those day trips when you're likely to need to take your essentials with you.

7 Wear It

Another great tip is to wear the heaviest items for your outward and inbound travel. For example, if you have a bulky knit, pair of boots or a jacket which is going to take up too much room in your suitcase, just wear it. Also, it's essential to check with your airline about restrictions regarding luggage size and weight.

These are my hints and tips for traveling light and avoiding overpacking. Does anyone else have any tips? I would love to hear as travel time approaches.

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