7 Most Common Things We Forget to Pack ...


7 Most Common Things We Forget to Pack ...
7 Most Common Things We Forget to Pack ...

Even if you make a careful list and are highly organized in your travel prep, there are some common things we forget to pack. They might not be considered absolutely essential (you probably wouldn’t forget them if they were), but they are very useful and can also make a difference to the quality of your trip, saving you time and money too. Check out this list and see how many of these common things we forget to pack you may have regretted not having in your suitcase.

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An Extra Memory Card

An Extra Memory Card Whilst most people probably wouldn’t add an extra memory card to a list of common things we forget to pack, it is certainly one of the most inconvenient items to overlook. There is absolutely nothing worse than organizing a once in a lifetime tour, or a visit to a breathtaking attraction, and having no space left on your camera. This also usually leads to either: searching through your camera for photos you can delete; or running around attempting to buy a new memory card, which in most popular tourist locations will cost you an arm and a leg!


Copies of Your Travel Documents

Copies of Your Travel Documents One of the most important common items we forget to pack is unquestionably copies of our travel documents. No one goes on holiday expecting to lose their passport, or even worse, to have it stolen, although these unfortunate events do occur. Having copies of your passport and credit cards on hand however, allows you to head to your nearest embassy and have your passport reissued much more quickly, meaning you can get on with your holiday and minimize any costly inconveniences.


First Aid Supplies

First Aid Supplies Underrated and among things we usually forget to pack are first aid supplies, because as every seasoned traveler knows, accidents happen. First aid provisions such as band aids, bandages and disinfectant can also be some of the most difficult things to track down in a foreign country, especially if you’re looking for a particular product or brand. Making yourself a small portable first aid kit that fits into your carry-on bag is consequently a great way to be prepared for every situation that life may throw your way.


A Reusable Water Bottle

A Reusable Water Bottle Regular travelers would have realized that airports have become extremely strict regarding what you can and can’t carry onto a plane. This has come about thanks to the modern day issue of terrorist attacks, which has unfortunately resulted in a ban on water bottles with more than 100ml of liquid in them. This makes an empty reusable water bottle a must, as water sold at airports is generally extremely expensive. For most travelers however, a reusable water bottle is regrettably one of the most useful but common things we forget to pack.


Lip Balm

Lip Balm Lip balm is an important travel companion for both men and women. The dehydrating atmosphere of planes, the weather at your holiday destination (whether it be hot or cold), and the salty snacks that are usual on offer during transit, all act together to dry your skin and lips. As an added bonus lip balm can also be used as skin moisturizer in an emergency, in order to protect your face from especially harsh weather.


Flip Flops

Flip Flops Every germ-a-phobe knows that flip flops are a must if you’re planning on showering at camp grounds, hostels or questionable hotels during your travels. Unfortunately for most people however, they are among the common things we forget to pack, which can lead to horrifying shower experiences, not to mention risk of catching the dreaded veruca (foot wart) or athlete’s foot. Luckily however, flip flops are generally quite widely available and reasonable to buy if you do happen to leave yours at home!


A Bag for Laundry

A Bag for Laundry A bag for dirty laundry is a must for holidaymakers who will be away for a significant period of time. There is nothing worse than packing your suitcase full of clean clothes, only to have one set of soiled or wet clothes make everything unwearable!

Which of these common items do you often forget? Do you have something you always forget to put in your suitcase you wish you had remembered?

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Well, I usually forget a hairbrush; tooth brush, hair bands, pyjamas or enough clean underwear. Lol.

I almost always end up forgetting pajamas...I guess I only think about what I'm gonna wear during the day! So weird!

Hair ties!

Nope don't forget any of that, most of it isn't even needed. I forget jewelry or pajamas. Leaving tomorrow for a trip so hopefully I didn't get anything important especially since I have lots of room left in my bag HA!

When I went to the airport someone brought an empty reusable water bottle and they weren't allowed to keep it

I once had a dream that i went out of town and forgot to pack my makeup. It was more like a nightmare.

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