8 Unique Holidays to Celebrate ...


Everyone loves to celebrate holidays like Christmas, Halloween, and even Labor Day. Holidays mean getting together with friends and family to celebrate whatever the occasion may be. But some holidays and special celebrations around the world can be pretty unique and interesting to us in The States. Here are some strange but completely awesome holidays and special occasions that people around the world celebrate.

1. Holi


I have always wanted to celebrate Holi. You know the Color Run where you run a 5K and people toss colored powder in the air at the finish? Well this is kind of like that, but without the exercise. Holi is the Hindu festival of harvest and fertility, celebrated in many countries in Asia. On Holi, people gather in towns and cities and throw different colored powders at each other. By the end of the festivities everyone looks like a crazy unique painting!

La Tomatina
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