9 Trails for a Runner's Bucket List ...


There are incredible places to run all over the world, including some especially marked out trails for runners of all levels and abilities. If you’re the sort of person who won’t give up their running while on vacation, or is looking for vacation spots with special attractions to accompany your exercise, let’s see if some of these trails for runners inspire your next trip.

1. New York City – Central Park

New York City – Central Park

Visiting New York City is a thrill and it also has one of the premier trails for runners in the world because the environment is diverse. Not only is the atmosphere in Central Park exciting but you get to choose different routes that give you beautiful views of trees in blossom and the reservoir and pliable clinker footpaths. While you’re running you’ll never tire of looking at all the interesting and trendy New Yorkers getting their exercise in a park protected from any cars.

Cornwall, England – Housel Bay to Lizard Point
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