7 Top Winter Sports Locations in Europe ...

You’ll want to know of some top winter sports locations in Europe if you’re thinking of taking to the slopes for a spot of skiing or snowboarding. There are hundreds of winter sports resorts in Europe across countries as far apart as Iceland and Norway in the west to Bulgaria and Slovenia in the east. What’s more, the facilities and the types of skier/sportsmen they cater for are bewildering in range and complexity. It’s important that you pick a resort that matches your skiing/boarding ability, has plenty of the society and entertainments you enjoy, and also fits your budget. Maybe one of these top winter sports locations in Europe fits your bill.

1. Interlaken, Switzerland

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Standing at the foot of three impressive alpine peaks, Interlaken is the crème de la crème of winter sports locations in Europe. The pretty Swiss town is packed full of convenient amenities and boasts easy access to an enormous ski and winter sports area. Skiers will want to head to Murren, where downhill skiing first became a sport. In fact, Interlaken has such as long history as a winter sports destination that tourists have been flocking to the region for over 200 years. Even if you’re not a skier or snowboarder, you’ll stay busy when visiting Interlaken. In town there is a large ice skating rink and closer to the slopes kids and kids at heart can partake in tobogganing.

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