7 Places You Can't Visit but Probably Don't Want to Anyway ...

There are places you shouldn’t visit (for issues of crime, personal safety, conflict, political unrest etc), but there are also places you can’t visit. These aren’t places that government bodies update you about with travel warnings on their websites. These are places you can’t visit because they are off limits. Are they hiding secrets? Are they in private hands and trespassers aren’t welcome? Are you at risk of death if you go there? Let’s find out shall we?

1. North Sentinel Island Rejects the outside World

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Located in the Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal, North Sentinel Island tops the places you can't visit. The island’s indigenous population totals no more than 400 citizens who continue to this day to resist contact with the outside world. Attempts to land on the island result in arrow attacks. The island is enclosed by undiscovered coral reefs that have ensured the island's lack of visitors. With other island populations in the region being destroyed once outside contact was made, contact attempts have been stopped.

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