Top 10 Places to Visit in Germany ...

By Megan

Top 10 Places to Visit in Germany ...

In the first of a few travel articles about different countries, today I'm taking you on a quick trip around the top places to visit in Germany.

Hallo, meine Freunde! That’s German for hello, my friends. Do you dream of traveling to Europe? Is Germany on your bucket list? Does your husband have a business trip in Germany, leaving you to explore part of the country when he’s at work? Whatever your reason is for traveling, let's look at the top places to visit in Germany. Enjoy!

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1 Semperoper Und Zwinger in Dresden

classical architecture, landmark, palace, historic site, tourist attraction, The Semproper in Dresden is an impressive opera house with amazing architecture containing many arches like the Colosseum of Rome. Whether you take in an opera, or just a tour, this is one stunningly beautiful opera house. Be sure to dress to the nines if attending an opera. Zwinger is a Baroque style palace. The palace and grounds will leave you breathless.

2 Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin

urban area, city, town, street, downtown, Very popular with international students and one of the top places in Germany to visit, Checkpoint Charlie is where people traveling between East Berlin and West Berlin would go through. A famous statue sits at Checkpoint Charlie with a guardrail that goes up and down. A museum is located a few feet away about the horrors of living under Communism and the unification of West Germany and East Germany to become just Germany again on November 9, 1989.

3 Fischmarkt in Hamburg

marketplace, produce, market, vendor, local food, This fish market located on the water has been in existence since 1703. Fish markets, vegetable markets, cafés, flower markets and more, it has everything you need as you enjoy a walk around Hamburg’s waterfront. Live rock and jazz bands play in the evening. If you’ve been to Toronto, Canada it’ll remind you a lot of that, but the signs are in German.

4 Weihnachtsmartkt in Nürnberg

landmark, tourist attraction, city, sky, temple, Weihnachtsmarkt is the most famous Christmas market in the world. If you love Christmas, if you even celebrate Christmas in July, or even if Christmas is not part of your faith but you just love the decorations, then Weihnachtsmarkt in Nürnberg is absolutely the place for you. Experience a German Christmas, taste German Christmas delicacies, and take in the unbelievable amount of charm, coziness, and magical feeling that abounds. No other Christmas display in the world can compare. Nürnberg goes all out, and then some.

5 Dom in Köln

city, cityscape, landmark, sky, urban area, Dom is the Cathedral of Cologne. On a map, when you’re visiting the city of Cologne, it’ll read as Köln. Magnificient and enormous, the dom is built in a Gothic architecture style. Archeological evidence shows a prior cathedral may have been built on the grounds in 313 AD. The Templar Knights brought back the relics of the Magi in 1164 AD. The dom was built in 1248 AD, and is a very popular tourist destination to view the majesty of the cathedral and get a peek at the relics.

6 Deutsche Arbeitsschutz Ausstellung in Dortmund

water transportation, boat, mode of transport, watercraft, lifeboat, Working World Exhibit. Explore the past, present, and future technologies of Germany.

7 Wartburg in Eisenach

castle, building, medieval architecture, sky, château, Explore a one thousand year old early medieval castle in Eisenach. Tours in English available at 1:30pm. Learn about Medieval Germany as you’re surrounded by it.

8 Deutsches Eck in Koblenz

waterway, sky, sea, water, coast, A destination that is popular for riverfront sailing and waterfront in Koblenz. Enjoy a sailing tour and a walk around the waterfront of Koblenz.

9 Schwebebhan in Wuppertal

building, commercial building, architecture, mixed use, facade, Schwebebhan is an outstanding train station. Absolutely massive with lots of glass, it’s a high point of modern architecture. Whether you want to come in and explore, love trains, or your little boy does, or you need to take the train to another city of Germany, Schwebebhan is a nice place to stop.

10 Willingen

sky, loch, shore, lake, tree, Located in the state of Hesse, Germany, Willingen is a charming, restful little town. Remember when visiting a foreign country it’s great to visit the big cities, but spending time in the small villages gives you a full experience.

Before traveling to Germany, check out Rick Steves’ videos on Europe and take his tour books with you.

Gute Reise! Happy Travels!

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