7 Must Visit Antique Hotspots across the US ...


7 Must Visit Antique Hotspots across the US ...
7 Must Visit Antique Hotspots across the US ...

Some things never get old - even after a hundred years. This is because each of these items, when studied closely, tell a story about one piece of history. It is through the mistakes and the successes of the past that we are better able to improve our future. It is because of this that I have always harbored a special fascination with the art of finding and restoring antiques. Though the process can sometimes be lengthy, I’ve always believed it is well worth the effort. I understand, not everyone shares this passion. For those of you who harbor the same fascination however here are a few antique hot spots around the USA to keep your interest moving.

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Wimberley, Texas

Located just outside Austin, this quaint country town offers a warm atmosphere for its visitors. You don’t need to visit during the Wimberley Market Days to enjoy yourself. Overflowing with diverse options from the array of antique shops that line the downtown square to the nearby wineries and outdoor recreation Wimberley is any antique lover’s dream getaway.


New Orleans, Louisiana

Sizzling with jazzy music, voodoo magic, and layers of history, the city of New Orleans is a living breathing hub for pieces of the past. A treasure trove of artifacts ranging in origin from the Spanish seamen to Southern aristocrats, this city’s French flair and irresistible cuisine make it a must visit for any collector. If your tastes run toward vintage art, make a stop at Balzac Antiques or try out Secondline Arts and Antiques for an eclectic assortment of European furniture. Whatever your preference, the options are endless.


Miami, Florida

If your tastes lean a little more toward the Art Deco style, this beautiful waterfront city is the stop for you. Much like the city itself, most of the selection holds to a modern design, a welcome change for the more diverse-minded individuals. While you’re here try out Stone Age Antiques for a variety of nautical artifacts and a multitude of other unique artifacts or drop into Fly Boutique for a range of hip vintage clothing, accessories, and furniture. Two examples of the options available, these shops are further proof that, when it comes to Miami, anyone with a contemporary eye doesn’t need to look far to find what they’re looking for.


Stillwater, Minnesota

A charming town steeped in history, everything about Stillwater is heart-warming. Not surprisingly this down home Midwestern community offers a wide range of antique epicenters. If you’re strolling along Main Street don’t forget to explore American Gothic Antique’s two towering levels of dealers. Though this mini mecca’s specialty lies in Civil War memorabilia, they don’t fall short on options. While you’re at it don’t forget to enjoy a piece of the broad range of historic inns readily available for your pleasure.


Whether you saunter down memory lane hunting for Victorian-era treasures or Art Deco delights, this riverside haven will not disappoint. To truly capture its essence, consider a visit to the Stillwater Antiques Mall, where a tapestry of stories is woven into every collectible. Breathe in the small-town tranquility as you meander through the cozy borough, where charming boutiques and quirky shops pave the way to an unforgettable shopping experience. As evening falls, the warm glow of street lamps bids you to linger just a little longer in this idyllic antique paradise.


Springfield, Ohio

For those lovers of the 20th Century and anything with a modern flair, don’t forget to drop by Springfield, Ohio. The weekly antique market this little town holds is known across the country as one of the best go-to spots for anything Middle America. No matter whether you’re looking for 20th century glassware, vintage clothing, or motorcycle accessories - you will almost certainly find it. Looking for vintage clothing? They have a little of that too.


Santa Fe, New Mexico

First known by the Native Americans as the Dancing Ground of the Sun, this intricately designed city is home to approximately 200 art galleries and 8 museums. Enveloped in the unique culture, brought across the ocean by explorers as early as the year 1500, this town offers attractions wherever you look. The ideal picking grounds for those whose tastes run towards Southwestern antiques, Native American blankets and jewelry, and Spanish Style furnishings, you don’t necessarily need to visit antique stores to see a piece of this city’s history.


Sonoma, California

Though you may have first heart of Sonoma in connection with its multitude of wineries, don’t let this stamp deceive you. This lovely city is also home to hundreds of antique shops ranging in size and specialty. If you want to simplify your journey, follow the eight miles of Highway 116, better known as “Antique Row”. If this isn’t enough to satisfy your hunting, appetite shops abound throughout the town. Take the time to explore the roads and bite off a piece of the unique Mexican Colonial inspired architecture while you’re at it.

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