Top 9 Places ✈️ to Celebrate 🎊 Chinese New Year 🎏 around the World 🌎 ...

For the Western world, the New Year has come and gone and it already seems ages ago, but if you still need an excuse to party there are some fabulous places to celebrate Chinese New Year. 2019 is going to be the Year of the Pig and will be ushered in over a two week period in early February. The festivities are always among some of the greatest on the planet, so let’s visit some of the top places to celebrate Chinese New Year.

1. Hong Kong

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Never one to refuse a party, Hong Kong’s festivities are loud, brash and highly colorful. For 15 days, the city that never sleeps is completely engrossed in having a good time. There's the International Chinese New Year Night Parade, a huge fireworks display in Victoria Harbor, and the skyscrapers flash messages and there is red everywhere. Everyone dresses in new clothes, attends family feasts and shops until they drop. Always amazing, Hong Kong is absolutely one of the top places to celebrate Chinese New Year.

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