10 Top Things to do in Florida ...


10 Top Things to do in Florida ...
10 Top Things to do in Florida ...

Things to do in Florida go way beyond mere theme parks and the attractions of Orlando. Florida is one of the USA’s best loved and most visited tourist destinations, with literally tens of millions of visitors flocking to the Sunshine State each year alone. With so much to see and so many things to do in Florida, deciding how to manage your time is overwhelming at best, but don’t worry! Choose from our 10 Top Things to do in Florida and you’ll be sure to get the most from your vacation.

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Keep the Kids Entertained

Keep the Kids Entertained The Sunshine State is a great place to take the whole family, especially because there are so many things to do in Florida that kids of all ages, even the grown up ones, love. It goes without saying that world famous Disneyworld is at the top of many people’s lists, but there are plenty of other such attractions in the state. Disneyland itself needs a large amount of time to be explored thoroughly, and attractions include the MGM studios and the Epcot centre, as well as the Animal Kingdom. Elsewhere in Orlando visitors can try Sea world and the Universal Studios (with Harry Potter of course), whilst Tampa boasts Busch Gardens and the Weeki Wachi Springs.


Go into Space

Go into Space The Kennedy Space Centre is a world famous tourist attraction and one of the most exciting places to go in Florida. A complete exhibition dedicated to all things N.A.S.A, an outing to the Kennedy Space Centre is a fantastic insight into the world of Space (and you’ll keep your feet safely and firmly on the ground in the process).


Love Fort Lauderdale

Love Fort Lauderdale The city of Fort Lauderdale is a popular destination in itself, with over 10 million visitors a year spending some down time in the area. Often referred to as the Venice of the US, Fort Lauderdale is a great place for those looking to party, wine and dine, as well as marine activities, in particular yachting. If you’re looking for some great holiday atmosphere, then Fort Lauderdale is the perfect place.


Bronze on the Beach

Bronze on the Beach Some of the best places to go in Florida are the beaches. Florida has plenty of great coastline with long beaches, fine sands and warm waters. The State is popular with surfers and water sports enthusiasts, as well as lazy beach lovers. Try Bradenton for some wonderfully clean waters in the trademark bluey green colour of the region, or Daytona Beach for great activities.


See St Augustine

See St Augustine Those looking for romantic things to do in Florida should experience the quaint charm of beautiful St Augustine. One of the oldest European style towns in Florida, St Augustine offers the perfect place for those looking for a little special ‘us’ time. Take long horse carriage rides, dine in the many candlelit restaurants and wander the picturesque streets throughout the town.


Experience a Taste of the Caribbean and a Bit of the Great Outdoors

Experience a Taste of the Caribbean and a Bit of the Great Outdoors Get yourself to the wonderful Florida Keys for your very own taste of the Caribbean. Think warm waters, beautiful beaches and relaxing evenings with a vibrant cocktail in your hand. With direct access to the many state parks in the area, the Keys are also an excellent place for those who love the great outdoors – try your hand at kayaking, canoeing and hiking, as well as camping right near the ocean.


See the Holy Land

See the Holy Land Israel too far? One of the most interesting (and unusual) things to do in Florida is to pay a visit to the Holy Land, the State’s own recreation of the biblical land. If you want to see the landscape, dress and life style of the time of Jesus then why not see it at the Holy land? There are plenty of lifelike re-enactments of the entire era, as well as a great collection of Biblical pieces of interest dating from that interesting period in history.


Shop Till You Drop

Shop Till You Drop Of course, you girls want to know if shopping is among the reasons to visit Florida – right? If shopping’s your thing then you’ll be spoilt for choice in Florida. With plenty of huge shopping malls catering to the vast amount of tourists, coupled with flea markets in Orlando and Miami, there is a huge scope for picking up a bargain or a luxury product. It just depends on your price range!


Miami Zoo

Miami Zoo The zoo in Miami is a great day out, with a wide range of animals from across the globe. It’s also an open concept Zoo, meaning that the majority of animals are not caged but exhibited in the open, making for a great days viewing. This isn’t just one of the great things to do in Florida for the kids. The zoo is interesting and educational, plus if you’re in Miami, you can head on downtown to experience the unique ambience of this city.


Experience the Everglades

Experience the Everglades Spend some time in wonder at the Everglades. This beautiful and wild landscape is definitely one of the top reasons to visit Florida, with isolated spots and excellent scenery perfect for a quiet, thoughtful experience.

As you can see, there are plenty of places to go and things to do in Florida, and this list is just a small sample. What’s your favorite?

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Sarasota beach!! Woohoo... I'm inluv

The only thing I'd add is visiting Palm Beach - such a fabulous place for a vacation! Oh, and of course, South Beach (Miami) for those who enjoy night life.

Not to be corrective, but that should be Disney world not Disney land

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