10 fun things to do in Athens ...


10 fun things to do in Athens ...
10 fun things to do in Athens ...

“What to Do in Athens?” – the question most of the people planning to stay more than just 2-3 days often ask themselves! Well, figuring out what do in Athens isn’t hard and all you need is a handful of useful info which you’re going to get from me now, of course! I know different people seek for different types of entertainment so I’m going to cover them all now by giving you 10 ideas on what to do in Athens and where to go:

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Win a Stuffed Animal at Allou! Fun Park

If you love fun parks and all those crazy, scary rides head straight to Allou! Fun Park in the area called Renti ( letters N and T are pronounced as D so you’ll get something that sounds very similar to the English word “ready”). No big, scary roller-coaster, unfortunately, but there are plenty of other cool rides designed to put your bravery to the test. Scaredy-cats can have fun trying to win as much stuffed animals as possible and once all that action wears you down, you can take a hot-dog break, stop by for my personal favorite, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream or, even better – both!


Enjoy the Planetarium

What do in Athens? I’ll tell you what! Visit the planetarium in Old Faliro ! Now, would you ever remember or find enough time to do that at home? Well, this planetarium is said to be one of the best equipped ones and that can mean only one thing – you’ll finally be able to see all the celestial bodies you wanted.


Take Your Kids to Attica Zoo Park (Attiko Zoologiko Parko)

Very close to the airport and hard to miss – if you’re traveling with kids and you’re wondering what do to in Athens, definitely take them there! Lemurs are extremely friendly and will probably try to climb on your head (they loooove hoodies, by the way), bunnies are running around but are too fast and almost impossible to catch and dolphins… oh you definitely don’t want to miss the dolphins!


Copa Copana

If you loved my previous suggestion on what to do in Athens and you’re planning on visiting it during the hot summer months, you’ll definitely want to see the fun, aqua-park Copa Copana too! I’ve heard a lot about it but never actually got around to visit it so until I do, you’ll just have to trust my fiancé on it. But wait, did I said summer? Strike that! This place has an ice-skating ring too which means you can have a lot of fun during the winter, too. Copacopana is in a place called Haidari, located on the west side of Athens (on the way to Korinthos).


Village Cinema

Village Cinemas can be found on many locations and they job is to provide fun, fun and nothing but the fun! All new 3D movies are waiting for you right here and, in case you don’t feel like seeing a movie, you can always hit the arcades or shoot some pool. Local and international fast food chains will make sure you don’t leave this fun place hungry and you can even do some gift shopping while you’re there. In case that movie I’ve mentioned sounds like a good idea, either book your tickets online or show up early because the lines can get crazier than you think!


Parnitha Casino

Visit the Parnitha Mountain, park your car and take a lift to the casino! Now, if you like this type of entertainment, Casino alone is enough to get you all happy like a reindeer on a Christmas Eve but, since the mountain on whose top this casino stands is very nice too, even the ones who just like to chill and observe the nature could find this little trip more than satisfying,


Visit the Local Sights

You don’t want to go to Athens and not visit the Acropolis, the Acropolis Museum and all those wonderful places I’ve mentioned in my previous posts about Greece. So do visit the most important sights even if you’re not very much into sigh seeing simply because you never know – you might like it!


Dance the Night Away

Athens has a very good nightlife which means party animals will never have a problem to figure out what to do in Athens. Summer clubs are, in my opinion, much nicer so if you take a trip down the Paraliaki Odos it won’t be long until you realize the whole area from Faliro to Varkiza is lined with them. Winter clubs are not my favorite although I love Dekko so, there – that should give you something to work with.


Shop ‘Till You Drop

Okay, here’s the thing- most tourists who come to Athens end up shopping in Ermou which certainly is a good street with a lot of shops but unfortunately quite expensive. International chains like Stradivarius, Mango, Zara and H&M always have something on sale but if you want something different like, let’s say Miss Sixty, Diesel, Replay, Guess or even better designer brands like D&G, Cavalli and whatnot, don’t expect to find great deals here. Go to Arthur Glen Shopping Village (right next to the Attica Zoo) where the sales go on all year round or check out one or both Factory Outlet locations for great deals on everything from local to famous international brands.



Still wondering what to do in Athens? Eat, love, and I really don’t have any international restaurants in mind. Taverns in Plaka and Gazi are really worth checking out in the evening, especially if you can hear live music coming from the inside. Those who love fish will find their ideal dinner or lunch in Piraiki (in Piraeus), a place my fiancé and I like very much!

Still struggling to figure out what to do in Athens? Guess not, huh? And, oh , just a little side note- pack your student IDs, discount cards and pretty much anything that could help you get cheaper tickets! That’s a must and it will certainly help you save some cash which you can later use to have even more fun. You see, I told you figuring out what to do in Athens isn’t so hard after all. Transportation, in the other hand, can be a bit of a problem but hey, you’ll get to read more about next time!

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