7 Ways to Make Camping More Fun ...


7 Ways to Make Camping More Fun ...
7 Ways to Make Camping More Fun ...

I'm always up for a bit of camping. I enjoy every aspect of camping, but have learned that kids don't always find the solitude and quiet surroundings to be as enjoyable as I do. If you have kids that groan at the mention of taking a camping trip or a spouse who has to be bribed into going with you, then take a look at the following 7 ways to make camping more fun.

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Do Some Fishing, Swimming, or Hiking While out Camping

Not all camping has to take place in a tent that is pitched deep into the woods. If you prefer the woods, then make a camping spot near some nice trails. This will give you something to do during the day if you plan on spending multiple days in one section of the forest. Camping near a lake that offers swimming or fishing opportunities provides campers with a couple of different activities to enjoy.


Play Games

Play a few rounds of tic-tac-toe in the dirt. You don't need pen and paper to play charades or Two Truths and a Lie. Take a deck of cards with you and either play Go Fish, Black Jack, War, or build a card house with them. A box of playing cards doesn't take up much room at all. If you have little kids, ask them to come up with a game using thing around the campsite. Kids can get very creative when it comes to making up their own game with their own rules.


Take Turns Telling Stories at Night

Telling stories around the fire can be fun for all ages. Teens might like to hear or tell a few ghost stories, adults enjoy reminiscing about the 'good old days', and little kids like silly stories about small furry animals or inanimate objects coming to life. It helps to have lots of people when story-telling is involved. The more people you have, the more variety of stories you'll get to hear.


Bake Something over the Campfire

Try your hand at cooking over a campfire or a camp stove. Whip up a batch of no-bake cookies, make some blueberry pancakes, or melt some chocolate and marshmallows over graham crackers for a pile of Smores. Yum!


Go Someplace New

You might like to go to the same camping spot over and over again, but the rest of the camping party might be getting bored with the scenery there. Go someplace different for a change. Hopefully you can find a friend or relative to give you a good recommendation so you don't have to hope the camping area is a nice one. It's always exciting to go somewhere new. Who knows, maybe you'll like this new place so much that you decide to make it a regular camping spot as well.


Take Musical Instruments along

Around here, having a house full of musicians means there's at least one person willing to take the guitar out once the campfire gets going. Travel guitars and harmonicas are both two instruments that can be carried easily in a backpack and are excellent for initiating a round of camp songs.


Go with Friends

Camping with a group of friends is great fun when you all have a similar taste in what camping is supposed to be like. This is the perfect way to relax together and catch up on what's going on in one another's lives. If you've never spend a long period of time with your friends, it might be a good idea to take a short camping trip, just in case you all don't get along after a day or two. Sometimes friends are fun and other times they turn out to be stressed out about the idea of sleeping in the woods for more than one night.

Out of these 7 ways to make camping more fun, which do you think would help you the most? If you have any additional ideas on techniques for making camping more enjoyable, please feel free to share them.

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