10 Things You Must πŸ’― Not Forget πŸ—― to Pack for Vacation β˜€οΈ ...

There are some important things you must not forget to pack when you decide to go somewhere. That way, when you get where you're going, you don't find yourself spending your vacation fund on a forgotten essential.

So, you made it to your holiday date! Well done! Now it is time to pack. Here are 10 things you must not forget to pack.

1. Your Passport, or Travel ID

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It is all too common when you have just left your home to get to the airport in your cab, Lyft of Uber, and realize that you have left the most important thing you need on your trip…your passport or travel ID! Keep them visible, take them out the night before, and leave them near something you won’t forget. For example, near your mobile phone or house keys! They are also important when you go out to bars, clubs and even some music venues and are one of the things you must not forget to pack.


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On your holiday, you are more than likely to end up in a place, or places that only accept cash. Have a reasonable amount available for you to use for your trip. You can never go wrong with having cash on you when you are on holiday, and it saves time trying to change it at a currency converter with even more fees to pay!

3. Your Phone Charger

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We are in that era where nobody leaves home without their phone. Don’t forget your charger when you go. With so many possible ways to record your holiday experiences, access maps, find locations and communicate with one device, your battery runs low faster. Having your charger handy will reduce stress and make your holiday experience more enjoyable.

4. Toothbrush

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This is the one thing that everybody forgets, and the one thing that is a pain to go out and buy! Make sure you always have a spare for your holiday, as it will be a nightmare to go out and find one at those awkward hours, and the last thing that you need to be doing on your holiday is shopping for a toothbrush! A toothbrush is as important as your passport or travel ID. Keep one close at hand!

5. An Extra Pair of Underwear

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Who knows if your flight will be delayed on your way to your destination, or on your way back, or you have just met β€œMr. or Mrs. Right”. What about accidently being splashed by a car with a puddle of mud? Carrying an extra pair of undies can take you far!

6. Something Warm

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The weather changes all the time. Make sure that you can keep warm and comfortable where ever you are. Carry a sweater, jumper, warm coat, long sleeves, or a cozy small blanket for those nights in the woods, to keep you warm.

7. A Good Book to Read

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Holiday is about fun and relaxation. Whether you are sitting on the beach getting your much deserved β€œsummer look”, sitting by the hotel pool drinking cocktails, or lazing with your significant other in the most expensive hotel suite, a good book to read is always an escape from reality.

8. Hair Brush and or Comb

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The last thing you need is looking like you have just woken up and no way to fix it with your most trusted hairbrush or comb. Remember to take them with you!

9. Something Fancy

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Whether you are on a hiking trip, city trip, or remote cabin woods trip, take something fancy to wear. It could be yours or your partner’s favorite, shoes, blouse, t-shirt, or scarf. Make it special and your trip will be special. Your significant other will love it if you make an effort, even if it is just you two alone in the remote woods. And if you are alone, you will make yourself look and feel great!

10. Slippers

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Holidays are about comfort. Take your favorite flip flops to wear outside if the weather permits, or comfortable slippers to snuggle into when you are relaxing. It makes tough mornings or evenings after a night out bearable!

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