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I bet that you are struggling with ideas of things to pack for a camping trip. If you weren’t, then you wouldn’t be reading this article would you? Put down your Michael Kors bag, you don’t need that. Grab a sturdy backpack, read this article, and once you know what things to pack for a camping trip, you’ll panic a little less and get a little more pumped up!

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Tent I feel like this is one of the most obvious things to pack for a camping trip, but I still think I should mention it. I have a friend that was a Boy Scout and he had to take some of the other scouts on a camping trip. He packed everything he needed except the tent. Unless you plan on sleeping under the stars, bring a tent. It keeps you warmer, safer from animals, and protects you from rain and bugs.


Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Bag This is the second most obvious thing, but I’m still bringing it up. Sleeping bags keep you warm and protect you from bugs. Even on a warm summer weekend, nights can get pretty cold and you don’t want to be caught out in the open.


Yoga Mat

Yoga Mat I mean, if you want to do some sunrise yoga while camping, more power to you, but that’s not why I brought this item up. Lay a yoga mat out under your sleeping bag to provide extra padding for more comfort. It also creates a barrier between you and the cold forest floor so you will stay warmer.


Bug Spray

Bug Spray As a person who grew up in the middle of the woods, I wore bug spray as much as I wore makeup - every day. Don’t just get the bug spray that protects against mosquitoes. You want the good stuff. Get a spray that protects against mosquitoes, ticks, and chiggers. Mosquitoes and ticks can both carry deadly diseases. If you don’t know what chiggers are, they are little bugs that get into your shoes and lay eggs. When the eggs hatch, the bugs get under your skin and leave scarring bites. You also have to burn your shoes and throw them away to get rid of the problem. So if you don’t want bugs under your skin, spend two extra dollars on decent bug repellent.


Hiking Boots

Hiking Boots If you are going camping you need a decent pair of waterproof hiking boots. I have known women who think that it’s okay to go camping in sandals. Guess what? They get chiggers! Along with your hiking boots, get cotton socks, not wool ones. Cotton dries faster so when your feet sweat or get wet you can hang your socks to dry, and they will dry in an hour instead of three, which is what would happen with wool.


Beach Supplies

Beach Supplies Whatever you would bring to the beach you should bring on a camping trip. Sunglasses, towels, bathing suits, and sunblock are all items you should have. Just because you aren’t at the beach doesn’t mean that you’re not going to be in the sun, and you want to protect your skin. You also want to have a bathing suit in case you want to go swimming, or you have to take a shower outside with people constantly walking around.


Toilet Paper

Toilet Paper You know my friend that I mentioned earlier that forgot his tent? Well he also thought that it was okay to not bring toilet paper. He thought that leaves would suffice, and ended up wiping his bum with poison oak. So unless you want an itchy butt for two weeks, bring toilet paper.


Cooking Utensils

Cooking Utensils As much as you would like to eat s’mores for 3 days, it’s not healthy. You also cannot use sticks to cook everything you want to eat so bring skewers, forks, knives, and plates. It’s even better if they’re disposable so you don’t have to wash them!

Camping can be one of the best or worst vacations you’ll ever have. What determines that is whether or not you are prepared for the trip. Bring everything that was on this list, and your camping trip will be a breeze! What are some things that you would bring on a camping trip?

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When I was a kid we used to camp all the time without a tent, not always a necessity. It was too hot in the summer to be in a tent. But how about enough water!

This app is seriously amazing. It "knows" me. Whenever i'm stressing about something an article about that pops right up.

How on earth do you forget the tent on a camping trip?!!

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