8 Things to Pack for a Camping Trip ...

I bet that you are struggling with ideas of things to pack for a camping trip. If you weren’t, then you wouldn’t be reading this article would you? Put down your Michael Kors bag, you don’t need that. Grab a sturdy backpack, read this article, and once you know what things to pack for a camping trip, you’ll panic a little less and get a little more pumped up!

1. Tent

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I feel like this is one of the most obvious things to pack for a camping trip, but I still think I should mention it. I have a friend that was a Boy Scout and he had to take some of the other scouts on a camping trip. He packed everything he needed except the tent. Unless you plan on sleeping under the stars, bring a tent. It keeps you warmer, safer from animals, and protects you from rain and bugs.

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